Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean

What with the recent spell of nice weather my legs have had a break from being hidden behind jeans and leggings and have been set free to see the world. Before I let them come into contact with fresh air though I had to make sure they had been given a good scrub down and fake tan. I tried this lovely scrub by Soap and Glory for the first time and was very impressed by the results. I like a really scrubby scrub, a couple of grains isn’t going to cut it with me. Peaches and Clean and had a good amount of exfoliating molecules to take my neglected pins, especially the knees and that bit on my ankle that goes like snake skin. The smell is just fabulous as well, a fruity scent of peaches and pineapple that got me in the summer time mood. 

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