Saturday, 11 June 2011

Nailease Instant Manicure £5.99

I have said before that I tend to forget the difference a coat of nail varnish is in helping you to look perfectly polished so I tend not to bother with it. I find it also chips so quickly on me that after a day I have to take it off which hardly seems worth it.

Nailease have come up with an ingenious method for getting your talons looking tantalising in minutes. Each pack contains 20 pre-shaped stickers that go onto your nails leaving them perfectly polished in an instant.

They were amazingly easy to apply but the real test was how long they would last. After a week I was really impressed that there wasn’t a single tear, rip or scuff on any of my nails. After two weeks I was simply amazed at the minimal amount of wear and tear. Nailease are perfect for applying just before you set off on holiday and then you won’t need to think about them all week so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself. 

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