Monday, 23 April 2012

Great Hair Moisture Drench Range

Moroccan Argan Oil is being heralded as the ingredient of choice if you want shinny and smooth hair. Trouble is that finding a reasonably priced product containing it can be tricky. 

Step forward Baylis and Harding who have just launched a Great Hair range containing Moroccan Argan Oil. Priced at £6 per 500ml bottle its not only the price that is fabulous about this range. The look of the range is sophisticated and look as if its from an exclusive salon, I also love the pump action on the bottle, so much easier than lids slipping around the shower. The smell of the products is reminiscent of getting your hair done at a salon to. Lastly of course is performance, again this range exceeds expectations. 

I was left feeling like I had had the salon experience but all from the comfort of my own bathroom. Salon looks, smell and results but with a price that means I can treat myself every day without feeling guilty about how much I spend.