Monday, 25 April 2011

Sheer Cover Duo Concealer £17.95

I have mentioned that in a week I am getting older right? Sorry to go on about it but it feels like it is a big step for some reason. When I was a youngster it seemed that every birthday was an adventure, each one brought with it a new stage in life and closer to the promise of adulthood. Now each birthday is like a window into what life has yet to bring. Now don’t get me wrong I am glad that every day I have my mind and my health. My mind keeps telling me that I am yet to reach 21; it’s just my face that is saying the opposite. The dark rings around my eyes give away that I haven’t slept as well as I should and thin lines whisper about the plenitude of expression  my face has achieved. All is not lost though for now I am armed with a range of beauty knowledge that can disguise even the worst’s night sleep.

A great concealer can hide a multitude of sins, from the spotty outbreaks I still get, the dark rings circling around my eyes like a roller coaster and the uneven skin tones that do not conform to age or lack of it. Sheer Cover concealer is great for a number of reasons. One is that as it comes in two shades which is great for the summer time when your complexion can change colour with a healthy dose of sun (from a bottle or straight up). It also comes in a really nifty disk that fits into the smallest of makeup bags for out of the house touch ups. The consistency is also perfect, thick and creamy without being chalky and drying. It doesn’t clog into creases making blemishes look worse but simply glides onto the skin giving the right amount of camouflage. It lasts all day and it’s so light you can barely tell you are wearing makeup. 

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