Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I've been looking at a way to curl my hair for my wedding without using heat and think I have found my answer... Curlformers is a unique way to create what ever style of curl you want in one fun product.  It's suitable for all hair types and with stater kits beginning at £8.95 so much cheaper than electronic stylers. No waiting for curling irons to heat up and the inevitable rechecking to make sure you have turned them off! Simply apply to wet hair, leave it to dry for effortlessly gorgeous curls. Now all I need to do is decide on a colour and my wedding hair is done.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Get gorgeous for Christmas

Lauren's Way Let it Glow medium (£30) - Technically it's a Christmas gift but if you are thinking of giving it to someone as a present I suggest you get one for yourself otherwise you might get a bought of jealousy when you hand it over. The set contains three products that will help you get party ready and give your beauty maximum impact with minimum effort. 

First up I try the tan, having watched the only way is Essex I was mildly worried that it would be of the radioactive variety but it actually has a really nice colour to it. For those who want a darker tan there is an option of the darker than dark tan but as I am fair to begin with I wanted to test the water with the medium first. It is really soft as you apply it and no stickyness or waiting around for it to dry. The colour is completely natural, like you have been on a midwinter holiday so no one will know you have been faking it. The fade factor is really natural and even and the smell has to be one of the best fake tan smells you can get, practically no biscuit smell! 

The dream rollers (or should that be reem rollers - sorry I couldn't resist) are fantastic as you can wear them to bed as they collapse so they are completely comfortable to sleep in. They are so easy to use as it was my first time using rollers and it only took me half an hour. If you live with your partner its probably best to warn them first as I got quite a funny look when I appeared from the bedroom. All you need to do is roll them up in your dry hair and in the morning you have soft princess curls. My hair is quite fine so I found it good to blast my hair with the hairdryer, first hot then cold that helped to the curl all day. 

The lashes in the set were daytime dazzle, a nice sophisticated length that are perfect to open up your peepers. 

Miners Cosmetics - If you are having to watch the pennies then Miners offers low cost cosmetics that don't scrimp on the wearability. The fresh faced foundation (£4.99) gives a medium coverage that leaves your skin with a dewy finish and lasts all day. Finish off the perfect base with their fresh faced powder (£3.99) that only needs a light dusting to set your foundation. 

New from Mary Kay is their fairytale collection. I am obsessed with the Kohl eyeliners (£11 - £12) in the collection as the colours are a bit different and they are really long lasting. The mulberry is a soft dark red / purple that makes a change from my regular black. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for girls

Take the stress out of Christmas shopping as I have found the best Christmas gifts out there. Warning though, they are so lovely you will want to keep them for yourself! 

Woods of Windsor's newest scent, Bergamot and Neroli, has a fresh citrus hit with a herbal hint to make it refreshing and relaxing. The moisturising bath and shower lotion (£6.37) leaves skin clean and moisturised with a delicate dusting of the lovely scent. The hand and body lotion (£6.56) isn't too thick so makes application really easily and soaks in quickly leaving skin soft and smelling divine. Best for a female boss or secret santa as everyone loves a bit of luxury 

These ultra adorable Moccis (rock n roll - £59.97) are swiftly becoming celebrity favourites thanks to their cute designs and hardwearing design. Handmade in Sweden they have non-slip leather soles and are super comfortable and warm keeping toes warm throughout winter. Less cumbersome than Uggs and more stylish than your average slippers, they will become a staple in your life. Best for new mums so that you can get matching kids ones. 

Label.m have teamed up with London fashion week designer Jean-Pierre Braganza who has added a gorgeous print to their limited edition box sets, like this one for colour treated hair (£19.75). If you want your hair colour to stay bright throughout the festive season then specially formulated shampoos and conditioners are needed. This duo will keep your hair looking great well into the next year with a shampoo enriched with wheat, soy proteins, hydrolysed silk and silk extracts that gently cleanses your hair with stripping the colour. The conditioner is really thick and luxurious, just what colour treated hair needs. It also protects coloured hair against heat styling and UV rays that can fade your colour. Best for your sister

A classic Christmas combination of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh combined in this gorgeous soap from Bakewell Soap Company (£3.95) . As with all their soaps it is handmade and all natural, with sweet spices and sweet fruits that give it a lovely warming scent, perfect for baths on cold nights. Perfect for those with sensitive skin

This is another product that its going to be really difficult to give as a present as there will be many times over the Christmas period when a relaxing bath is needed. Enjoy Life Bath Oil (£7.95) contains natural essential oils of May Chang and sun-ripe lemons lift spirits and will leave you with an overwhelming feeling of positivity and contentment. The fruity lemon smell instantly brings a smile to your face and the oil moisturises you skin in the bath so afterwards you feel sunny and soft. Perfect for your mum 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pizza 7 - because looking good starts with feeling good

I’m a huge fan of pizza, for the last 6 years Friday night has pretty much been exclusively pizza night in my household, where I make my own dough and put the overworked pizza stone in the oven. I’ve also worked in a fair few chain pizza restaurants so I consider myself to be well qualified to judge a pizza.

Pizza 7 gets its name from the seven pizza’s that grace its menu and luckily none of them are named in pretentious faux Italian phrases the chains are so fond of but actually make you embarrassed as you order them. But before you get to the pizza’s there is the extensive beer and wine menu to choose from. Expertly chosen by the in-house master sommelier the beer menu takes you through a tour of over 60 different beers from around the world. The wine menu is more condensed however there is a wine for every palate and budget and also a few cheeky cocktails and not so cheeky soft drinks.

To start I shared the calamari and the crispy pork skin with my dining partner. The calamari was beautifully tender and served with a chilli mayo that was perfectly spiced - hot enough to tickle your tongue but not so hot that you need a glass of water. The crispy pork skin was salty and crunchy and a fight nearly ensued when it came to who got to eat the last piece. If you don’t have time or the appetite for a full meal Pizza 7 is a great place to pop in and grab and beer and a couple of starters.

Food always tastes better with a smile and our pizza's were served with a huge smile by the effortlessly polite and attentive waitress. Many chain pizza places claim to use fresh dough but it almost always brought in frozen. Pizza 7 makes fresh dough each day from their secret recipe and Italian organic wood in their hand build wood fired oven. The result is a crispy but light base that is soft yet substantial, and keeps all the toppings in place when you swap a slice. The organic wood gives the pizza a very subtle oaked aroma, not overpowering but enough so that you really appreciate all the trouble they have gone to in sourcing the wood. All the pizzas have a base of organic tomato, oregano and a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar, which on its own would be enough to get your taste buds working over time.

I went for the number 5 pizza, slow cooked breast chicken, tarragon, roasted pepper and rocket. The chicken was tender with no hint of dryness, the roasted pepper with the lovely smoky scent from the wood balancing out the sweetness and a peppery kick off the rocket. My dining partner went for pizza number 4, new forest charcuterie, red chilli, mascarpone, chives and rocket. The mascarpone was a revelation to have on a pizza. As charcuterie has a quite a salty taste the mascarpone mellows it and gives it an almost creamy edge. With each bite you can taste the time and dedication that has gone into choosing the ingredients.

Finally a nod should be given to the atmosphere. The décor is warm and homely, not the sterile and artless forms of generic brands. The exposed brick walls, wooden chairs and careful lighting make it a truly enjoyable experience and makes going out for a pizza a gourmet experience. The cherry on top is that the prices are lower than the big chain restaurants, where the food isn’t of such a high quality.    

Monday, 28 October 2013

Clearasil Superfruits

I thought I had gotten away with teenage spots, I am well past the age when most of us have to worry about breakouts but no. It's a taken a while but my face is now going through the stage that faces most people in their teenage years. I'm not alone though with many people having to adapt their skincare routine to stop them getting spots.

Clearasil was the first place I turned to when my skin flared up and luckily they had just brought out a new superfruit range. There's a facewash (£4.99) available in raspberry and cranberry, which is so fruity you will completely forget what jobs its there to do.

An oil and shine wash (£4.99) in lemon and lime that smells so good I wanted to drink it.

A refreshing scrub (£4.99) that contains micro beads that gently exfoliate without drying it out.

Lastly there are refreshing pads (£4.07) that help to clear up the skin. I've been using the range for just over a month and the results have been very pleasing. It has really helped to clear my skin up and now when I get the occasional spot they don't hang around nearly as long as they did before I started using Clearasil. You do have to be quite strict about using one of the products each day other all that good work goes to waste. Now having clear and glowing skin doesn't means slathering your face in highly medicated products, that frankly smell horrible. The supefruits range means that washing my face each morning was actually really pleasurable and now that the morning are getting colder the fruity smell instantly gives you a little up lift.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

label.m Brunette Resurrection Style Dust £12.25

They call it a miracle powder and label.m resurrection style dust really is just that. My hair has the brilliant quality of being super voluminous in the mid length and ends while at the same time being completely flat on the top. It seems that no matter what I do to it at the start of the evening by the end of the night I've had to tie it up it stop it looking ridiculous.

This powder gives so much lift I was almost in danger of looking like Cheryl Cole when she went on American X-Factor. A little sprinkling at the roots, boosts hair so that you get ultimate volume whilst still being able to control the style. I'm not a massive fan of backcombing so this makes a really great alternative that won't damage your hair. At first it does make your roots feel a little dry but it doesn't affect the look of your hair at all. It contains iridescent particles that give a lovely shine to your hair so your hair looks fleshly clean even if it's greasy. The dust lasts all day so if you are going straight out after work all you need to do is massage your roots and your hair instanly adds volume. 

You do have to be careful not to get it one your clothes as if your wearing a white top it will stain. It's best to sprinkle on the power then before you get dressed. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Qsilica Paw Paw Rescue Ointment

Don't let the slick packaging fool you, this is more than just a nice design, it's a hard working multi-purpose wonder product. Containing only 100% natural ingredients its been designed to sooth and repair skin. Calendula helps to reduce redness and heal cracked skin, perfect now those winter months are closing in and lips tend to get dry and cracked. It's moisturising properties come from macadamia oil, beeswax and shea butter.

Papaya is known for it's rejuvenating qualities as well as being rich in vitamin A, it also contains papain which is known to have a gentle exfoliating effect. I started using the balm in place of moisturiser at night, it has a really thick consistency so a little goes a long way so don't use too much or you might be left with a greasy feeling. As a lip balm it works to keep your lips soft all day and even has a gloss quality to it so you can wear it over a lipstick to keep the colour in place and give it a shine. 

The smell is more medicinal than luxury, that's not to say it's unpleasant, it's just not what you get with highly perfumed products but they tend to be quite drying to the skin. It's a little too oily for my liking to use as an everyday hand cream but as a deep treatment at night you wake up to soft skin and works great as a cuticle oil.

Rather than using primer I have found using this under makeup helps to keep skin really well hydrated and plumps up the skin so pores seem reduced. Foundation tends to sit better on my skin rather than sinking into any lines and pores. Blisters from squeezing my feet into shoes that are too small because so few shops do wide fit ranges also benefit from a small dab of this ointment.  

It's the ultimate handbag product, this winter keep dry and flakey skin at bay, dab onto lips to keep them kissable and keep nails looking lush all from the same tube. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Living Nature Vitality Body Oil £20

In preparation for my wedding next year, which obviously I still need to do everything for, I decided to get fit. It's been coming for a long time and it's given me the push I needed. My friend lent me her wii fit and every other day I have been doing some of the exercises on there. The real killers are the muscle workouts like squats and lunges. Naturally the next day my legs ache and I've found a light massage can do wonders to relieve some of the pain. 

Living Nature is from New Zealand and all their products are 100% natural, the packaging is recyclable and they never test on animals, just the sort of company Beauty Truths loves. Their body oil was just the sort of thing I was after to soothe some of the aches from my workouts. With Arnica, well known to help healing and Almond, Wheatgerm and Vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin it leaves your skin deeply moisturised and soft to the touch. Super-ingredient Kunzea (a shrub native to Australia) has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits along with essential oils such as lemon and peppermint. After I've worked out and had a shower I gently massage the oil all over my body and it helps to reduce the aches I felt the next day.   

The oil is gently warming so soothes stiff muscles and is meant to be particularly good for arthritis so to help my poor mum's arthritic hands I put a couple of drops into an unscented hand lotion which she uses at night as her joints get so sore she can't even have them massaged so this seemed like a really good way to get the benefits without causing her any pain. It's the sort of product that you should keep in your drawer at work and if they day gets too much and you need uplifting, especially now the days are getting darker, them a few drops of this on your temples or quickly rubbed into your neck will help to brighten your mood.  

The smell is amazing thanks to Juniper Berry and Lemon Pepper and I put a couple of drops in the bath when its running and shut the bathroom door. When the bath has finished running and you open the door its like stepping into floral heaven, it instantly relaxes you after a stressful day. Just add a glass of wine and a good book and my night is complete. A true wonder product in every sense. 


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Radox Citrus Shower Gel £2.15

My partner came home from a music festival the other week and due to him not showering for four days he smelt terrible. I mean not just a little bad but offensively bad. He was hungry and tired and all he wanted to do was climb into bad with some toast but I just couldn't bare the thought of getting into bed with him when smelt that bad, it really was a horrible smell. Luckily I had been sent Radox's new Uplifting in pink grapefruit and basil just the day before so ran him a hot shower and practically peeled dirty clothes of him. I handed him the shower gel and told him not to get out until he smelt better. 

When he got out the shower he was not only completely clean but also smelt fruity and refreshed. Basil probably isn't the first thing you would think of to put in a shower gel but as a subtle after scent it works really well. The predominate smell is the pink grapefruit, which I am such a big fan of. The range also has a mandarin and lemongrass scent and a keylime and peppermint scent. Radox are masters at creating evocative scents that gently coat your skin and leave you feeling fresh for hours.  

Monday, 16 September 2013

WEN Cleansing Conditioner

The days of having to use shampoo and conditioner are over. Now one product does the job of both and it does it superbly, a new concept in haircare has arrived. Chaz Den noticed that the detergents and sodium laurel sulphates strip the hair of natural oils, which can make hair frizzy, fade colour and dry out your scalp. He developed WEN available now at QVC a revolutionary new concept in haircare that contains no detergents or sodium laurel sulphates.

You use a dollap all over your hair, massaging into the scalp for a few minutes and combing through, then leaving for five minutes on the lengths of the hair. It doesn't lather up so I was slightly concerned that it wouldn't clean my hair as well as a normal shampoo but that wasn't the case at all. As soon as I rinsed the cleansing conditioner out of my hair it felt really clean but also well moisturised. The mint scent is lovely and refreshing and pleasantly tingles your scalp.

I thought it would either be dry or still greasy but as soon as I dried my hair it looked and felt really clean with loads of bounce and root lift. After a few uses it made my hair much more manageable to the point were I don't have to dry it to stop it going frizzy and the ends especially are much more polished. I've noticed that I only have to wash my hair every 3 days rather than every other day that I had got into the habit of.

I was really surprised at such a dramatic improvement in my hair condition after using WEN for a few weeks. It's got a lovely shine to it and is much easier to style but even if I can't be bothered to style it it isn't really manic and all over the place. It might cost slightly more than your average shampoo and conditioner but in the long run it is cost effective as you don't have to wash your hair as often and you save on styling products and time styling your hair. I also found I don't need to deep conditioner my hair every week as WEN has left it in such good condition. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Green People Sensitive Skin Solution

When I got told I needed to switch my beauty routine to natural and organic products I felt quite daunted and didn't really know where to start. As well as the financial cost but it felt like a whole new world of trying to figure out what I could use and what I should avoid. Many products also might be natural but they contain perfumes that can irritate your skin. Green people was set up by Charlotte Vøhtz who wanted to help her daughters skin problems. Finding that products that were advertised as natural could contain synthetic chemicals. Charlotte went on to develop Green People's solely organic philosophy and now the brand has 100's of products, many of which have won a host of awards. 

Green People's sensitive skin solution (£29.95) has three products specially developed to soothe sensitive skin. Firstly a cleanser and make-up remover to remove all the grime your skin collects over the day and night. It contains calendula which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and feels really soft against your skin. I found it tackled even the longest wearing makeup including waterproof mascara, which can be a real pain to take off. Unlike some makeup removers it didn't leave my skin red or dry it out so if I was running short of time (i.e it was really late and I was tired) I could just take my makeup off with out using moisturiser. 

The second product is a scent free 24 hour cream, an intense burst of hydration that kept my skin moisturised all day. It contains evening Primrose and Avocado oils to deeply nurture the skin, which has a really rich and creamy texture so feels like a luxury product. 

Lastly you get a scent free eye cream that soothes the delicate eye area. I find that in the winter months the corners of my eyes can get quite sore especially if it is windy out. I have started to use this eye cream when I get home and it is great at cooling down my sore eyes. Also I have found that if I am really tired, popping this in the freezer for 10 mins then applying it really helps to awaken my eyes. 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Collin Resultime

During the day I don't like to wear foundation but still want something with a little coverage. Occasionally I mix my regular foundation in with moisturiser but depending on the two products this doesn't always work. Recently I was sent the Hydrating Tinted Cream Mineral Pigments £27 from Collin Resultime to try. This tinted moisturiser is extremely hydrating and contains luminous mineral pigments to provide soft coverage while keeping your skin lovely and fresh. It doesn't sit heavily on your skin and so looks completely natural. If regular foundation use leaves your skin dry switching to this tinted moisturiser will help to keep it moisturised while still giving enough coverage to banish imperfections. It's really long lasting to so no need for touchups during the day.

For the ultimate in skin luxury their Regenerating Collagen Gel £47.25 can be used as a serum or face mask but my favourite use is as a sleep mask. As the winter nights drawn in the sharp change in temperature is going to play havoc with most peoples skin and an extra treatment will be needed. The collagen gel helps to smooth, plump, hydrate and firm the skin, providing several benefits in one pot, which is good as it is on the more expensive side. That being said if you use it as a serum it is going to last you a decent amount of time. If it is a splurge item that you want to use occasionally I would suggest using it as a sleep mask after a night out to give you a slept for the whole night fresh faced look when in reality you might not be feeling like that on the inside.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Thanks to my dad I have very fine and slightly lank hair, why I couldn't have inherited my mothers thick and voluptuous hair I will never know. My hair also seems to fall out at an alarming rate and when I was my hair I am always a bit concerned there won't be any left on my head as it all seems to have piled up around the plug hole. Up until now there hasn't really been much you can do if you have thin hair, several products claim to thicken hair but none of them have trial results to back up their claims. 

Nanogen is different though, it has ten years research behind them and use advanced DNA technology to create hair growth factors which are safe, identical copies of human hair growth signals. Enough with the science though, how do they actually work? Well I've been putting the range to the test to see if I could see and feel any difference after using the product. 

The thickening treatment shampoo (£7.95) and thickening treatment conditioner (£8.95) work harmoniously together to thicken hair from the first wash. After just one use my hair certainly felt stronger and left my hair shiny. It took two weeks of regular use before I really noticed a difference to my hair, the main one being that much less of my hair was left around the plug hole after washing. They both have a pleasantly tingling sensation that awakens your scalp and presumably your hair follicles. As they are clinical products I was expecting them to smell as such but they actually have a lovely fruity scent that settles deep into your hair as it cleans. The conditioner left my hair feeling soft but not weighed down so that after the first use my hair was left with a bounce in it making it appear much thicker. Compared to other shampoos and conditioners the price is really reasonable as you get a lot of product so after two weeks I still have just under half left and my hair is just over shoulder length. 

As lovely as the shampoo and conditioner are the real star of the show is hair growth factor treatment serum (£29.95) which is like a magical potion for your hair. Each day you add a few drops to your scalp and massage in, it took a bit of getting used to but after a few days I really liked the routine of giving myself a little head massage and it has even been suggested that it helps you sleep better - the head massage not that serum that is. It is very quick to dry so you could easily use it at any time of the day, I just got into the routine of using it at night. I was a little worried that it might make my hair greasy or interfere with the amount of time I needed to wash my hair but my hair habits were able to remain the same. You can feel the serum working as soon as you apply it, almost like it has a slight menthol effect. I'm not going to pretend that I understand all the science behind how it works, all I really care about it the end result. After nearly a month of use my hair feels so much stronger and less damaged. It is still a bit too early to tell if it's growing faster or how much new growth it has achieved but because the quality of the hair is so much better it certainly looks thicker and fuller. 

A real catch 22 of having thin hair is the allure of extensions, thicker hair in minutes but the downside is that they can destroy the natural hair that you have, meaning thin hair gets thinner. Nanogen is providing an alternative that is actually going to do good to your hair at a fraction of the price of what you would pay for extensions so before you even think about getting them I would suggest a round of treatment serum to the quest for thicker, fuller hair. In fact I'm so won over by the quality and results of Nanogen products I think I'm going to try the Keratin hair thickening fibres.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Primavera Revitalisng Face Scrub £15

A product that ticks all the right ethical boxes, not tested on animals, vegan and organic whilst also feeling luxurious and decadent. Made with rose and pomegranate (my favorite ingredient at the moment) it is formulated for mature skin, however it worked well on my combination skin. Primavera pride themselves on their natural and organic products that work in harmony with your body and deliver great results. 

The invigorating face scrub has a high concentration of micro peals of jojoba wax that gently exfoliate to reveal softer skin. Used once a week it cleanses skin and buffs away any dry patches whilst being kind to your skin and having absolutely no irritants. 

I know you aren't meant to judge products by how nice they look on your bathroom shelf but we all do it and this face scrub is a real beauty in that department. With a stunning green apothecary bottle and subtle font it looks much more expensive than it actually is. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Colour Restore £11.99

I wasn't feeling hopeful about this product, maybe it was because I was slightly under whelmed with the packaging, it felt a little bit budget. Maybe it was because of the nightmare that I have put my hair through but I wasn't expecting much of a result. I shouldn't have been so quick to judge though as the results were far better than I expected. 

After a rough 12 months of being dyed brunette, back to blonde, going back to dyed brunette again my hair isn't in the best condition so I didn't want to use any harsh chemicals on it. Still the copper tones, a left over from all the dying, come through in my hair and they can look quite brash and brassy. Working like a toner Colour Restore banishes those orange tones and puts hair back to it's just dyed condition. You can either use it like a shampoo or like me leave it on for 25 minutes, which will leave it feeling conditioned as well. It took my hair right back to the light chocolate colour it was when I first dyed it meaning I can now leave it longer in between getting my hair coloured.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Intelligent Nutrients Smooth & Sleek Styling Pomade £20

Trying to find organic styling products can be a bit of a nightmare and so I was really pleased when my attention was brought to the styling pomade by Intelligent Nutrients available on QVC. Formulated to offer a flexible hold and protect against heat styling it can be used on wet or dry hair to control fizz, add definition and control flyaways. Using no chemical nasties, just lots of lovey organic ingredients.

You only need a very small amount to make a big impact, half of what you would normally use. It has quite a think gummy texture which look a bit of getting used, I found it best to warm up the pomade between my fingers before combing through my hair to get an even distribution. On wet hair it helped my hair to become sleeker and reduced the amount of time I needed to spend straightening my hair. It has a strong herbal smell (with a touch of sweeties) that I really like, very different from the chemically smell of some hair products.

Using it dry I found worked best just for the odd touch up of stay hairs and to get a bit of lift at the roots. When I put my hair up in a ponytail I get this mad scientist curls that spring out at right angles just above my ears, rather than using hairspray (which can sometime go a bit hard and crackly) I have started to use the pomade to smooth them over and hold them in place behind my ears. It's also great for those wispy bits that blow in the wind so helps you get a super sleek finish. To give yourself more lift at the roots turn your head upside down and using a small amount of the product work it into the roots, gently pulling your hair up as you go.   

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Magnifibres £20

While we all love the effect of false eyelashes there are the obvious downsides. They take a while to get the hang off and if you are in a rush forget about trying to apply them unless you want to practically glue your eyes together. They have the habit of unsticking just at the wrong moment and I for one always end up with gluey eyelids the next day... not a great look. 

Magnifibres is an alternative to false lashes that provides the same lengthen effect without all the hassle. They are 100% natural and really easy to apply. First you apply one coat of mascara like you normally would, then quickly sweep the magnifibres over your mascara coated lashes. Wait for a minute before applying another coat of mascara and voila.... instantly longer lashes. One coat is perfectly acceptable for the day time but if you want to glam in it up and night just carrying on building the product up by alternating mascara and then the magnifibres. 

I was slightly apprehensive as I remember using those mascara's several years ago where one end was mascara and on the other end a white mascara that was meant to lengthen the lashes. The problem was that you could never properly cover the while mascara and were left with a gloppy mess and visible fibers on your eyelashes. The magnifibres are so light  though that you can easily cover them with mascara and sit nicely at the end of your lashes so they blend in really well. 

I like to apply one coat all over my lashes and then build up the outer corners for that classic cat eye look. Just add a hint of smoky eyeshadow so all attention is on your eyes.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Zao Essence of Nature

It isn't very often that you find a brand that come up with a completely new packaging concept but that's exactly what Zao have done. It's the first brand organic cosmetics range that uses sustainable bamboo packaging. I tried out the matt lipstick £14.95 in the dark red shade, a perfect shade to bring out the sex kitten no matter your colouring. The smooth creamy texture glides on and as it contains precious oils it moisturises your lips. This does two things, firstly it stops the colour drying out on your lips so it doesn't crack or bleed. Secondly it keeps the colour on your lips rather than your glass, boyfriend etc.

The packaging is lovely and tactile, the smooth bamboo feels super sliky on your skin and looks funky thanks to a dash of pink. Unlike plastic packaging it doesn't crack and get damaged in your makeup bag and you can buy refills for most of the products on Zao's website. Not only is the bamboo packaging sustainable it is also reusable. One thing I have noticed about mineral and natural makeup is that it tends to only come in a limited skin shade but Zao's range of foundations covers even the darkest skin. The colours of the lipsticks and eyeshadows would suit a variety of ethnicities and there is a range of brushes to get the look just right. 

Ethics wise the brand scores top marks, all products are natural, fair trade and organic. There are no hidden nasties, no testing on fluffy bunnies or other animals, no ingredients from petrochemical industries and all the products get a negative carbon footprint as bamboo has such a exceptional growth speed. Now you can look good whilst doing good.   

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Elemis White Flowers Eye & Lip Makeup Remover £19

I've always found taking waterproof eyeliner off tricky, using a regular make-up remover never quite gets all the eyeliner or mascara off so you wake up with panda eyes. Normally I use coconut oil to take off my make-up, which gets everything off but can leave a greasy film over your eyes. As I like to read before bed this can get annoying as its slightly dulls the focus.

Elemis have developed an eye and lip make-up that is gentle on the skin whilst being tough on make-up. The bi-phase combines an oil that is necessary to get rid of even the most stubborn of make-up while the water phase cools and refreshes the skin. The strong anti-oxides of white tea help protect the skin against sun damage, white flowers tone and hydrate and spring water encourages the development of lipids.

You have to give the bottle a really good shake before you use the remover to get a combination of oil and water onto a cotton wool pad. The water and oil are never going to mix so you really can't shake it up too much. I found this worked best if you leave the cotton wool pad on your eyelid for 30 seconds or so to really let the oil dissolve any make-up. Then all you need to do is gently sweep the pad over your  eyelid to take off any mascara etc. This stops you having to go over the area again with more product so reduces irritation. It took all my make-up off, and even though it is an oil it is much lighter than coconut oil so didn't leave a film on my eyes. The water helps to cool your skin and leave your eyes feeling fresh and clean.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Artist unveils new exhibition of works of art created on armpit canvases

I don't think I am ever going to get bored of all things beach ...... don't think I will ever see a sea painting in an armpit again though. How cool is this?


British interdisciplinary artist, Isamaya Ffrench today unveils a unique collection of art titled 'The Art Underarm'. All of the pieces in the series are created using the canvas of women's underarms  - the first time that the armpit has been used in this way.

Curated with Vaseline Deodorant to celebrate the female form, Isamaya's collection seeks to draw attention to an area usually hidden away ­- the armpit. Each of the six pieces in the collection sees the underarm decorated to become a work of art in its own right.
Each artwork created was inspired by nature, horticulture and the natural curve of the female body. Included within the collection is “Derma Beauty” - a secret garden within the underarm and “Aloe Fresh” which showcases a striking graphic silhouette with bold aloe leaves.
The “Double Invisible” image uses the contours of the body and stark Aztec patterns to vividly contrast skin tones, while “Active Fresh” portrays a tranquil landscape scene. The final piece, “Underarm Wave”, is created to mirror the style of the famed Hokusai wave, which sees waves crashing along the contour of a woman's underarm.
Georgia Spriggs, Vaseline Deodorant Brand Manager, commented on the collaboration with Ffrench: “Working with an artist like Isamaya allowed us to create a series of works which not only use the underarm in a truly unique way but create something visually impactful which celebrates the female form and brings our range to life in a new and interesting way.”
The Vaseline Deodorant range which includes Derma Beauty, Double Invisible, Aloe Fresh and Active Fresh variants are priced at a RRP of £1.86 each and available from retailers nationwide.

Dead Spa Magik - Salt Brushing

Exfoliating is the first step in getting soft and toned skin so finding a exfoliator is key. I regularly use coffee grounds as an exfoliator but although it leaves my skin feeling wonderful it leaves the bathroom looking a right mess.

Far from being the skin drying experience you think salt brushing might be, the offer from Dead Sea Magik is wonderfully nourishing thanks to the inclusion of coconut oil. The salt crystals are just the right size to give a really rough texture that makes you shed all your dead skin, so no more rough patches. I found the best way to use it is to stand in the bath and rub all over your body in circular motions. Start at your feet then work your way up. Make sure to pay attention to knees, elbows, thighs and bum! I think Cheryl Cole is going to be needing this to keep her fabulous bottom tattoo looking in great condition. I think it's a wonderful tattoo... I can't stop looking at it but she is going to have to take good care of her rear to make sure it stays as pert as it does in the photo and salt brushing should be something she does ever week.

I loved this product so much I even got my finance to come and have a go before he got in the shower and scrubbed him from top to feet and he loved it to. It's got to be up there with the same results as a coffee scrub but it doesn't leave your bathroom in a mess. My skin was left soft and silky thanks to the coconut oil. If you wanted to apply fake tan directly after I would suggest you leave it a few hours until all the oil has absorbed as it would prevent the fake tan from soaking in properly.