Monday, 31 January 2011

Payot Slim Performance £23.50

I know I am not alone in my hatred for the gym. My favourite machine at my local gym is the chocolate vending machine so needless to say I have a few wobbly parts!

Payot Slim Performance steps in nicely. It says to apply it first thing in the morning to help refine the silhouette and promote cutaneous micro-circulation. I had no idea what 'cutaneous micro-circulation' actually meant so off I went smearing it over my body to see what happened.....

First off it absorbs extremely quickly so I don't have to wait for ages after putting it on to put my clothes which is excellent as it means extra time in bed. It has a lovely fresh smell to, slightly citrusy to help wake me up. After a few days I felt my skin was much firmer and the appearance was considerably better. I bulged less in my leggings and overall felt much more confident about the appearance of my once-bouncy-now-much-more-beautiful thighs.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Payot Tonique Purifiant £16.50

I have only just started using toner in the last six months or so, having been throughly horrible to my face in the last few years I am now trying to make up for it!

What better way then than to start using this stimulation toner from Payot. It is alcohol free and contains green coffee extract so it goes perfectly with the detoxifying foam I reviewed a little while back.

Even after only a week of use my skin is considerably clearer, has a nicer consistency and just feels more comfortable to wear. I really look forward to my daily beauty regime rather than it just being something that I felt I had to do. I am still constantly stunned at what comes off my face after I have swept some of this toner over it. Even after I have washed my face it picks up every last speck of dirt. I highly recommended it for beauties of any age.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Payot Hydration 24 - £24

Payot is swiftly becoming one of my favourite brands and over the next three days I am going to introduce you to some of their fabulous products.

First up is the Hydration 24. It's a Saturday afternoon and although usually I don't indulge too much in the alcoholic beverage department last night I had enough to make me feel shaking today. My body is a little dehydrated so I opted to do not much today apart from watch friends re-runs, drink lots of orange juice and have a bath. To properly rehydrate my skin which to be fair looks a little sad I reached for the Payot.

With its creamy, non-greasy texture it provides continuous hydration for 24 hours and firms while its at it. My skin is now much happier than my head is and I am going to continue using Payot 24 as my skin feel so soft and seductive afterwards.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


When I cry, which is frighteningly often as I am such a softie, my eyes puff up so much the next morning I look like I have been in a fight.

The age old trick of cucumber slices helps but I don’t always have cucumber in the house and I find it impossible to make them stay where I want them. 

Having recently been introduced to eyeslices I was more than happy to give them ago the morning after watching a particularly sad film. They have a jelly like consistency and are amazingly cooling and soothing. 

They come in a neat little case that I keep in the fridge and now I never bother with cucumber and just put these on my puffy eyes instead as they work twice as well and I don’t have to worry that someone is going to make a sandwich out of them! 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Queens Cosmetics Sensiderma Rich hand Cream £9.10

I know I posted a list of my favourite hand creams up a few weeks ago but my attention has been brought to a new one out and well it was so good I needed to include it. Queens Cosmetics  are experts in sensitive skin but even if your skin isn't that sensitive you will love their products.

Of course the first product I wanted to try out was the hand cream  and I was not disappointed. It's a really rich formula without being greasy and melted into my skin quickly. Very useful for me as I am always putting on hand cream and having to waiting till it absorbs. Try picking up a pen and trying to write something after you have smothered your hands in something greasy!

It really softens your skin and for extra indulgence smother on last thing at night and put on cotton gloves, or if you are like me and don't have any cotton gloves use cotton socks instead. Just remember to take them off in the morning before you answer the door to the postman as he will think you strange! Speaking from personal experience obviously.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Miners Loose Eyeshadow £3.49

The new year normally means two things for me. Firstly that I am skint, having spent all my hard earned money on presents, pretty dresses and pampering. Secondly that I want a new look, after seeing the same face every day I could do with a little variation. In step the fabulous people at Miners with their new dip and define range.

I wasn't able to choose which colour I liked the most so being the greedy me I went for all six. Each loose powder is enriched with metallic flecks which it shimmering undertones. The brushes are perfect as they allow you to get a good covering without leaving flecks down your cheeks like you get with some loose shadows. The colour stayed on all day and didn't crease, if you do want to reapply it the bottle and brush makes it perfect for keeping in your bag.

If you like me need a bit of cheering up and refreshing your look Miners dip and define range is affordable beauty at its best.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Twilight £2.99

You work hard all day and sometimes into the night, when you curl up in bed all you want is sleep to take you away on a journey to dream land and your soothe tired body. Unfortunately its one of those nights that we all get at times when sleep refuse to come and you are left counting down the precious hours that you have in bed. When nights like this strike, get up and run a warm bath with a twilight ballistic. It contains relaxing lavender and fizzes into pink and blue waves whilst twinkling with glitter like the night sky. Sleep is but a bath away.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Fizzbanger £2.99

When Friday night approaches a fizz of excitement descends on me, I know its the start of the weekend and a girly night beckons. Before I meet with the female of the species I must get ready and that means have a bath that that matches my excitement, here enters the fizzbanger. Packed with fizzy candy it pops and explodes in the water, the colour changes from yellow to blue to green making your bath light up like a dance floor. Make your Friday night bath go with a fizz-bang by adding a fizzbanger ballistic into your bath, turn up the music up loud and sing along as you get ready for the night ahead!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Big Blue £2.99

Counting down the days to your summer holiday can be a long and painful process. We all dream about long days on the beach, sun kissing our skin with the sound of the sea gently lapping at our feet. With Lush's big blue you can make the dream even more vivid by popping seaweed and corse sea salt all wrapped up in a globe of loveliness with lemon and lavender. Float away on your our private sea in your own bathroom, find a good book, poor yourself a fruit cocktail and your dream holiday becomes that little bit closer.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sex Bomb £2.99

Normally my bath times are a very private affair. I turn off my phone, light some candles and settle in with a good book and of course a bath ballistic. Occasionally though I like to invite my boyfriend into the bath with me and when I do sex bomb is always the ballistic of my choosing. Jasmine absolute is used for its powerful aphrodisiac and it turns the bath a sensual milky pink. Sitting in the bath together is a intimate experience and I recommend it for any couple to get intoxicated by each other every once and a while with a sex bomb bath.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Avobath £2.99

Avobath from Lush is packed full of fruity citrus goodness and avocado to soften your body. Lemon grass delicately wafts around you and the bath becomes a goddess green. Drop avobath into warm water in a morning bath when you haver a full day ahead and want to be fully invigorated.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Cinders £1.95

The last of the snow may have melted away but its still a little while until the blistering sunshine returns. The nights are cold with a sharp chill in the wind and the dark hours make it a perfect for a hot bath. Cinders is the ideal Lush ballistic for warming you up on a cold night. With warming cinnamon, refreshing orange and softening almond oil guaranteed to warm you up on a cold winter night.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dragon's Egg £2.99

To kick off my seven ballistics for seven baths I am starting with the wonderful Dragon's Egg. If anybody is wondering why I have chosen seven ballistics for seven baths, well its in honour of my grandmothers 90th birthday. My nan has always been a great inspiration to me and when I was a child I used to go to her house and watch old musicals on VHS. My favourite was seven brides for seven brothers and it is this that has prompted me to explore some of Lush's famous bath ballistics. Not only that but my nan has the same sort of fizz that you get when you drop one of these beauties into the bath!

Anyway, its been one of those days that everybody gets from time to time. I was late as I couldn't find my shoes, every traffic light was against me and my hair decided that sticking up was the only style for me this morning. Work just seemed to pile up on me, my boss was in a mega grump, its cold outside, there was a huge queue at the shop ........ well you get the idea. I ran a nice hot bath, dropped in a dragon's egg and a childlike smile crept across my face. Lemon scent filled the bathroom and swirls of orange danced in my bath.

I mean who wouldn't be cheered up with a bath full of glitter? Dragon's egg is truly a ballistic for those in need of a smile, the bergamot oil is a natural anti-depressant, making it perfect for those days when we need a little uplift.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hello my beauties, I hope you have all had a lovely festive time and a magical New Year! I have been off here for a while but do not worry I have been collecting all manner of goodies to share with you. Over the next few weeks look out for my seven ballistics for seven baths piece, my valentines treats and detox special. In the meantime stay beautiful my lovelies! xx