Monday, 6 June 2011

Esme Perfume Pendant £24.99

The other day a girl at work was emptying her never ending bag trying to find her keys that had slipped to the bottom, a problem all girls come across from time to time. When she pulled out her huge and heavy bottle of perfume I just had to tell her about the fabulous perfume necklace from Esme.

Not only is the pendant gorgeous, studded with Swarovski Crystals, in its own right but it has a clever little trick that makes it not only beautiful but really useful. You see inside the pedant is a little roll on perfume pod that you can fill with your favourite scent. It means no more carrying around a whole bottle of perfume that always has that added danger of falling out of your bag and breaking. It also means that when you go out at night and don't want to take a bag you always have some of your favourite perfume on you so that you can smell lovely all night long. 

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