Monday, 13 December 2010

The Stick on Bra - the best backless and strapless bra

I wasn't blessed in the shirt filling department so have always stayed clear of strapless tops and skimpy dresses, preferring to wear a bra with a little help. For years I have wished I was able to wear tops with tiny straps or backless dresses and have looked on with envy at my friends who can wear anything and not need a bra. Bare shoulders are unbelievably sexy on a girl and I would love to be able to go out for a night in a strapless dress and show off my decollage to its full potential.

Well now I have had my wish come true and it has made me unbelievably ecstatic. The lovely people at Undercover Glamour  have an amazing new bra that has self adhesive cups and no straps to contend with. Let me introduce to the the wonderful stick on bra that is simply the best backless and strapless bra.

The Leopard Print Stick on Bra is a fun and funky backless and strapless bra that gives your lady bumps a rounded shape in any top you desire to wear. Available in A - D sizes with a front clasp that allows you to attain super cleavage. The gorgeous pattern means that you can still have super sexy underwear when you aren't really wear much at all!
The Silicone Adhesive Bra has extra silicone padding to give you extra volume and confidence. The first day I got this I was so impressed I went straight out and bought four new tops that I would never have dreamt of wearing before.

Trying it on I loved how easy it was to apply and gave my humble mounds a great shape and cleavage which was practically never seen before. At first I was a little worried that they might drop off half way though the night and provide my friends with a mortifying story to tell but I soon realised it wasn't going to budge no matter how many times I jumped up and down with glee! I felt a sexiness I hadn't really achieved before by having my shoulders bare and having my hair falling around around them. It certainly didn't go unnoticed and my male companion couldn't take his eyes off me (neither could a couple of other boys but thats our little secret).

Undercover Glamour  have now opened up a whole new world of possibilities in the wardrobe department and I am so happy I can't stop looking at new tops and dresses to wear. This party season is going to be fabulous for me I can just feel it. I say go and buy yourself a fabulous backless and strapless bra and let the world see the sex kitten in you to.

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