Friday, 10 June 2011

Ahava Dead Sea Algae Powder Compact £18.75

A good pressed powder really is a wonderful thing when it comes to setting your makeup. Not only does it keep your foundation in place for longer but will also stop your skin looking shiny. I have struggled to find a powder compact that feels light on the skin whilst still having a silky smooth texture. Ahava mineral makeup ticks all the boxes, it feels so light you can’t tell you are wearing it, sets foundation perfectly and leaves skin glowing whilst minimising shine. Like all of Ahava products it contains dead sea minerals and algae which help to care for your skin. For a truly flawless finish use after Ahava’s mineral foundation. 


  1. Would just like to point out that the mud used in all Ahava products are pillaged from the occupied shores of the Dead Sea. This is against the Geneva Conventions. Ahava's factory is based in an illegal settlement in the Occupied West Bank, which is also against international law. You can read more at

  2. Thank you Nancy for bringing this too my attention. I was not aware of the issues you have addressed and of course I cannot condone illegal behaviour, I will be researching the matter further.