Monday, 4 March 2013

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Range

Vaseline has been the nations go-to-favorite for lip care for years but there is more to the brand than the little metal tins we know and love. Vaseline also have a great range of body care products and I was lucky enough to try some of the intensive rescue range. Now that the weather is retreating from subzero temperatures it will soon be time to expose winter neglected skin so an intense pampering session is required.

First up I tried the moisture locking cream (£4.49) which accelerates dry skin's ability to repair itself. The area I was most concerned about was my shins as these become particularly dry in the winter months. I find that any product with perfume in it can dry out my skin and irritate it after shaving so always opt for an unfragranced product like this one. It has the thickness of a body butter but soaks into skin much faster than a body butter would meaning all the product stays on your skin and doesn't transfer onto towels or clothing. It only took one or two applications on my shins for the skin to look and feel smoother and got rid of all the dry skin patches. I also found it was great for softening the skin on my ankles and feet which is great as I find when applying fake tan these areas really soak up the tan and can end up orange. Now I just need to remember to apply the moisture locking cream before tanning for a longer tan and no orange patches.

I also tried the hand cream (£3.49) as the cold weather has really done a number on my hands. Not only is the skin on my hands suffering but also my cuticles are in a pretty dire state. The soothing hand cream instantly softened my cuticles and the round patches around my knuckles. It's non greasy but leaves an invisible protective coating on your hands which means you can carry on with tasks as normal as you don't have to wait for the cream to soak into your skin. I like it use it last thing at night so that I wake up in the morning with lovely soft hands. All the products in the range are really great prices, you get a luxury feel from the products without a heavy price tag. Every bathroom needs this range in the cupboard to banish any dry winter skin and reveal the soft skin underneath.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Nads Brazilian Bikini Wax £9.39

Body hair removal is one of those annoying yet necessary tasks that I have to find time for every month unless I want to turn into a small monkey. The most annoying and painful of them all is bikini waxing and normally I go to a salon to have it done but decided to try Nad's kit after I was assured that it was simple and quick to use.

There are four shapes to choose from, a heart, a strip, a triangle and for the more daring a lightening bolt. The shapes are four stickers that you can cut to size and use for a template. The wax is scented with mango and peach which is lovely, I've used hair removal cream that smelt like a punishment whereas this makes you feel like you are treating yourself. You need to heat the wax until it has the consistency of honey and test it on the inside of your wrist to make sure it's not too hot, the last thing you want to do is burn yourself.

Rather than use strips to take the wax off you leave a small curl at one end to pull the strip off. It took me a few goes until I got the hang of it and at first I underestimated the amount of wax I needed to put on. If you don't use a thick layer it comes off in smaller pieces rather than one strip. I started off applying very small sections and slowly built up the surface area the braver I got. It took me longer than it would at the salon but I think I would get the time down each use. I am not going to say it was painless as that would be a lie but it isn't as bad as you think it is going to be. It's a sharp pain but over in a fraction of a second and totally worth it for a salon finish at an at home price. 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Blend Collective Unwind Handcream £12.50

Blend Collective is a team of leading aromatherapy and perfume experts that have combined their passion and skills to produce a range of body care products that are 99% - 100% natural. My love for hand cream and natural products is well documented on this blog so I won't go on about the benefits of natural products or remind you that the hands age in a way that can never be corrected. Of course it's not just your skin that benefits from using hand cream, your nails will thank you for it as well. I get asked quite a bit how I keep my nails in such good condition and my answer is always apply hand cream at least once a day. 

First up they have the natural credentials, no parabens, sulphates or petroleum derived chemicals and they are also against animal testing. The packaging also seems to have been thought out so that the least amount of packaging has been used. Apart from the actual product I also really love the design on the bottle. Rather than a lid or flip cap, you gently twist the silver top round and squeeze a small amount into your hand and then twist the silver top back into place. Flip lids I tend to be against as I am always breaking my nails on them and the amount of times I have lost a lid or its slipped out of my hands and rolled under the sofa / car seat / table and I've ended up spilling lotion all over the place. So before I have even tried any of the product I am already sold.

Being a team of aromatherapy and perfume experts you would expect a pleasant scent but I was a little worried by the thought of sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood and neroli as they are all powerful smellsand quite masculine but the blend of them has been done exquisitely. It is also very nice to have a relaxing product that doesn't smell of lavender, which I am a little bored of now. The lotion melts into your skin quickly and because there is no silicone in the lotion it doesn't create that greasy layer on top of your skin so you can go about normal function as soon as you have put it on. I keep this product in my kitchen as I think it is perfect for applying after doing the washing up. Not only does it give my hands a much needed moisture boost but the smell makes me feel like I am treating myself after some hard house work.