Sunday, 26 June 2011

Crazy Angel Liquid Tan £10.49

Carrying on with my quest to find the best tan out of a bottle, next up crazy angel liquid tan. It’s my kind of packaging which shouldn’t sway me but it does everybody no matter how much you try and resist. As for the liquid itself it goes on really well, even though it’s a thinner consistency than I am used to as I normally opt for a mousse. I used a mitt to spread it on and mixed it with a little moisturiser for my face so that it was a shade or two lighter. The fail proof test is always when I get into work and see what the girls think. They instantly picked up on the tan and said I good I looked. The colour was very natural without a streak in sight. What’s more I didn’t end up staining the bed sheets or smelling of biscuit. They also do an exfoliater to prepare your skin before tanning that has just the right amount of grittiness to gently buff your skin. The after tan moisturiser is also lovely and it smells softly of vanilla and left my skin silky smooth. 

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