Thursday, 23 June 2011

Colour B4 £14

As I have mentioned I am having a rocky patch with my hair at the moment. First it was the terrible and expensive haircut, then accidentally dying it black. Having had enough of the ginger roots and black ends I decided it strip all the colour off and start again. I had never attempted it before and after the expensive and disappointing haircut I decided to try it at home. I put the mixture on and even though it does smell like warm fish I was surprised at the result. I was half expecting nothing to happen and to be left with rubbish hair but it took all the black out. After rinsing for a good 15 minutes my hair had turned an auburn colour but it does warn that your hair could turn quite brassy. My hair did feel quite dry afterwards but nothing that a good conditioning treatment wouldn’t fix. It can be quite scary doing anything drastic to your hair but if you follow the instructions for Colour B4 you should get a great result. I wouldn’t use it regularly as I wouldn’t want to put my hair through too much abuse but if you have had a hair disaster (and who hasn’t) then it might be worth keeping a pack in your bathroom. 

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