Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ultimate DIY wedding prep!

With under two months (gulp) to my wedding I am starting to get the beauty preparations under way and have a run through of the steps I am going take to make sure I am feeling and looking my best on the  big day. 
First up is making sure I get plenty of sleep, not so easy when your other half takes snoring to an Olympic level. I'm not kidding you, not only does he wake me up all the time he also wakes himself up with the loudness of his snoring. I'm surprised the neighbours haven't complained. Imagine my joy when I found Auritech do earplugs especially formulated to filter out the annoying sounds of snoring. Normal earplugs don't do anything really to filter out the nose my partner makes so I was really hoping that Auritechs would do something to let me get some sleep and give my partner a rest from being constantly jabbed in the ribs all night.

Without going into all the science that I don't really understand (but if you want to have a look click here) the ear protectors filter out the low frequency sounds whilst still letting you hear alert sounds such as alarm clocks and fire alarms so you don't have to worry about sleeping through your alarm. Getting a good night sleep is imperative to feeling and looking good. Your skin actively heals itself while you sleep and allows your body to repair itself. Without a good nights sleep I am moody, irritable and crave sugar, again all the things you don't want to be in the run up to your wedding! The ear protectors don't block out the sound of my partners snoring completely, its not like they are magic or anything, but they do muffle it enough so that he doesn't wake me up and I can get a good nights sleep with no interruptions. Now I think I just need to buy a pair for him so that he doesn't wake himself up and we will both be well rested and refreshed for the day.

No matter what dress you pick making sure your skin is glowing is essential to looking good in photos. The best thing that you can do is exfoliate regularly so that your skin looks it best and all the dull skin is swept away. I've been using Angela Langfords Spice of Life a natural body scrub that exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes. The lemongrass tightens and tones your skin and ginger stimulates circulation but these two ingredients also make it so wonderfully scented you want to eat it. It is instantly uplifting and that's before you have even spread it on your body and let it work its magic.

Sea salt from the Red Sea gently exfoliates and Rice Bran softens your skin so your skin feels silky soft to the touch.

I think exfoliation not only has its physical benefits but it also has psychological benefits. If I've had a tough day I literally feel like my body is being renewed and my mind cleansed of the toughness of the day. With the Spice of Life it also feels like you are really treating your body, giving you a confidence boast that you deserve some pampering and looking after.