Monday, 3 December 2012

Schwarzkopf [3D]Mension Texturizing Cream £7.82

I did vow never to date a man with hair better than mine but somehow I am ending up marrying one. I am so jealous of my fiance's think and strong hair, mine in comparison is a bit limp and lifeless. Whenever I tell my partner this he goes on about how unmanageable his hair is and how difficult it is to style. Pretty much since we have been together he has been using the same hair wax so I thought it was time to mix things up a bit.

I made him try [3D]Mension Texturizing Cream and after a bit of hesitation he agreed. Thankfully he really liked the product. The texture isn't too thick or sticky so you don't have to spend ages washing it off your fingers afterwards but still gives a strong hold. He found that he really liked the matte effect, men do look a little funny with super shiny hair, and it also means that he didn't have to worry about his hair looking greasy. For someone who always uses the same product I was really surprised to how easily he adapted to using a new product and how happy he was with the outcome.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm £9.99

The Bluebeards Revenge provides the ultimate shaving experience for men and as someone who appreciates a freshly shaved man I needed to feel for myself. Luckily I have a very willing fiance to trial on. The first thing you notice is that inside the box there is information on male specific cancers. As men are less likely to talk to other people or their doctors about their men parts I think this is a great way to help reduce the embarrassment and provide potential lifesaving information.

The smell of the post shave balm is the ultimate man scent, fresh with a hint of the ocean. There is a lot of nuzzling into my fiances neck after he uses this. The balm has a soft texture that melts into your skin to soothe, calm and refresh after shaving. The balm contains a secret ingredient that helps to reduce hair growth so with regular use your man can be as fresh as he was when he left for work when he returns home. Keep your man looking and smelling his best all year round.