Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

I have always struggled to find a foundation to match my skin tone, my freckles don't really help  matters. I find that most foundation come in only a small range of colours and are either too light or too dark for my skin tone. 

So the first selling point for Jane Iredale's pure pressed mineral foundation is that it comes in a huge array of shades and there is a comprehensive guide on the site to help you get the perfect match.  

Second selling point, the compact that it comes in is easily the loveliest I have ever used. It's elegant while still being hardy enough to be put in your makeup bag without the worry of it cracking. 

Thirdly the foundation inside is simply magical. It feels weightless on your skin and glides on. It can be used a concealer, powder and foundation so saves you having to use other products and saves space in your makeup bag when you go out. It looks better as the day goes on so you don't have to worry about touch ups at lunchtime. It can be applied wet or dry, you can build the coverage you want and it applies evenly giving you flawless skin that looks natural. 

Just incase you need any other reasons to try it out, its SPF 20, gentle on sensitive skins and very water resistant. 

Simply put it is a perfect foundation. 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

St. Ives

St. Ives has had a bit of a makeover recently but still at the heart of their range is quality products made with 100% natural quality ingredients. Regularly exfoliating keeps the skin radiant and youthful looking and I find that I feel happier with my body if my skin is in good condition.  

I choose to test the warming apricot scrub (£5.10 at Superdrug) and its made my mornings more enjoyable as well as making a difference to my skin. I find it hard getting out of bed on a good day but when the weather is as cold as it is at the moment the thought of leaving a warm bed isn't a nice one. Knowing that I have a warming face scrub eases that horrible feeling immensely. The scrub has just the right amount of grittiness but is still gentle enough to use daily and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. There is no point spending ages on putting on makeup if you don't have the base right and daily scrub keeps my skin in perfect condition.  

The apricot body scrub (£4.97 at Asda) is fabulous for a weekly treatment and I always feel renewed after a good exfoliation. It makes my skin softer and look more even, it also makes me feel better about problem areas such as my thighs as the exfoliation and massage helps to boost circulation.  

Monday, 5 March 2012






New Luxury Brand Offer the Chance to Win a Product Hamper Worth £500.

May 2012 will see the unveiling of Noble Isle, a new, distinctive and exquisite modern Bath & Body brand, made in the UK and inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles. Shunning the ordinary in favour of the original, Noble Isle combines the finest fragrance and natural extracts sourced in the British Isles with the best of design to create a luxurious collection of 24 unisex bath and body products. Each Noble Isle product leaves a unique and lasting sensory impression set to become The New Tradition in Luxury Bathing.

Creators of Noble Isle have travelled the length and breadth of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to source authentic, quintessentially British ingredients that celebrate our rich cultural history and deliver results worthy of the Noble Isle crest: the Coat of Balms. For more on the story so far, visit:

As part of their brand unveiling, Noble Isle is offering the exciting opportunity to be the first to try the new collection, weeks ahead of their official launch. For the chance to win a luxury product hamper worth £500, you can visit their blog at:

Entrants must simply “like” Noble Isle’s official Facebook page and share a link on Twitter to be eligible to win. The competition closes on Saturday 31stMarch and the winner will be announced 3 days later. In addition to being the first to try their luxury bath and body products, the winner will also receive two tickets to Noble Isle’s exclusive London launch party with champagne reception.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


Due to my shower being broken for a few weeks I have had to have more baths than usual, I know terrible right? So not only have I been reading more books I have also been using more bath bubbles. 

I have always loved Radox as the products are always extremely well priced but still feel luxurious and give plenty of long lasting bubbles. I like to spend at least an hour in the bath and not all bubble bath bubbles can last as long as I would like which isn't a problem I have with Radox. Recently I am loving Eastern Spirit bath therapy which has notes of Lotus flower and orange blossom, guaranteed to make a bad day that little bit better.   

Due to the water crisis that is effecting parts of the country at the moment Radox have come up with 5 tops tips for saving water in the shower.

1.)    Take a slightly shorter shower:
Every 1 minute less time spent in a power shower will save 17 litres of water per person in your household per day / 6205 per year - with a total of 24,820 litres of water for the typical UK family (a family cash saving of £116 per year)

Every 1 minute less time spent in a standard shower will save 7.7 litres of water per person in your household per day / 2810 per year - a total of  11,242 litres of water  for the typical UK family (a family cash saving of £52 per year)
To help you do this use the Radox facebook shower app - the app will select a song that will match your desired shower length, allowing people to sing along while in the shower and know when their allocated shower time is up - simple.
Find it on facebook at :- 

2.)    Multi-task - To save water and time, consider washing your face or brushing your teeth whilst in the shower.
3.)    Turn the shower off when you shampoo - Turning the shower off for one minute while you shampoo your hair and one minute while you condition and 1 min whilst shaving those legs ladies! - could save a typical family £104 per year
4.)    Try a  low-flow shower head - Replacing your existing shower head with a more efficient alternative can reduce water and energy use, particularly if you currently use a power shower
5.)    Check your water temperature - Many people have their water heater set at too high a temperature.  The ideal temperature is between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius, but remember to test the temperature of the water that comes out of the tap with a thermometer - thermostats are often inaccurate.

My tip for saving water in the bath is to share the bath with your other half, not only will it save bath water its also a great way to get romantic! 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley's moto is 'healthy hair is beautiful hair' and to help us all achieve healthy hair they have come up with a range of shampoo and conditioners specifically targeted to different needs. They have also developed the worlds first pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and it was this that I got the chance to review. The elasticizer is worked into damp hair before shampooing and left on the hair for 20 minutes which is a little bit of faff but the results are worth it. Afterwards my hair felt like I had been at a salon, it had a silkiness and bounce that you only really get from professionals. As hair treatments go this is one of my favourites and certainly worth a bit of effort applying it before you shampoo for gorgeous hair.