Friday, 17 June 2011

Beauty Dilemma: Spotty Back or Spotty Bum

I have had a few requests recently on here to solve some beauty problems. Some of them have been of a sensitive nature and for some people it has really affected their confidence. Most of the problems I have heard about before, they seem all too common but nobody wants to talk about them. I hope that I can help alleviate all of the problems so that people can feel better about themselves and see their beautiful truth in the mirror.

People of all ages are prone to a spotty back but it is normally most common during the teenage years. Long hair can be a factor as it can irritate the skin; if it is greasy it can then cause spots on your back. If your backside is looking a little spotty this can be caused by a number of factors. For most of us we sit on our behinds most of the day so the skin there takes a lot of weight. Conventional spot creams do work well on your back and bum but it can be difficult to get it in the right places. A great way to sort this out is by buying a body brush with a long handle. You want to make sure that the brush is made from natural fibres. Before getting in the bath or shower brush your body all over with it going in circular motions. Concentrate on the problem areas. At first if you are having a break out it might be painful if you do it too hard so just go gently, you can build up the pressure as the spots get better. Try doing this every day and you should see an improvement in a few weeks. The brush will remove dead skin when you use it on dry skin, you can also use it in the bath or shower and put a medicated face wash on it. You may think it’s best to avoid moisturiser but try using a light one that isn’t greasy. If the skin is dry and damaged it may scar as it heals. 

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