Monday, 13 June 2011

Egg & Olive Oil Hair Mask

Last night after some deliberating I decided it was time to get some egg on my hair. The protein from the egg is great to give your hair strength when mixed with olive oil it is meant to leave your hair soft and shiny. After using the whites for meringues I had the leftover whites which I mixed up with some olive oil so in effect what I had was a homemade mayonnaise. Smearing the concoction onto dry hair was a little tricky and I got a few dribbles on my face and shoulders before I wrapped my hair up in clim film.    

I got into a hot bath and immediately thought it was a bad idea, would I end up with omelette hair? I spent an hour fretting and looking into the bathroom mirror to check it hadn't cooked. As soon as I rinsed it though my fears washed away along with the eggy mixture down the plug hole. I instantly felt the smoothness of my hair and it felt nourished and strong. I washed it twice with shampoo just to be careful and only used a dash of conditioner as it didn't really need much. After drying it felt so wonderfully soft and looked lovely and shiny. A great treat for your hair that doesn't  cost much at all. 

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