Sunday, 24 February 2013

Superdry Mascara £9.50

I was a little worried when this Superdry Mascara arrived for me to try because I usually prefer natural brushes rather than silicone wands. However, I found the wand to be really great at coating my lashes and separating them as the same time. It's a jet black colour so it only took two coats to make a dramatic impact. I found that the only product that completely removed it was Pond's Cold Cream, everything else I tried left me with panda eyes the next morning.

The packaging is great, nice and chunky so its easy hold. Being the clumsy person I am little fiddly mascara wands tend to fall out of my hands, which is why I'm always cleaning mascara streaks off my mirror. It's easy to undo, before I have resorted to opening mascara with my teeth as I've just used moisturiser and can't get grip on a plastic lid.

Overall I think for the price its good value as it looks like it is going to last for a long time.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Beauty

For me the first step for any beauty routine is to run a hot bath and for the romantic occasion I used Affinity Bay Bath Shimmer (£18). The scent is soft and desperately romantic with wild roses and cassis, not too overpowering but just enough to tickle your senses. It  filled the bath with moisturising bubbles thanks to the vitamin E it contains and the bubbles lasted until I got out the bath an hour later. I really hate it when you have a bath full of bubbles and then as soon as you get in it the bubbles burst so the staying power of bubbles is important for me. It also adds a shimmer to the bath water so it makes it feel slightly magical. If you are really in the romantic spirit you could share the bath with your loved one but on this occasion I decided I wanted to relax on my own.


I’m still in a love / hate relationship with my hair, at the moment its most hate I as am missing being brunette, but to get my hair super smooth I used Simply Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner (£17). Argan Oil is rich in vitamins, particularly vitamin E, which deeply nourish your hair and leaves it soft and strong.  Argan Oil isn’t just good for your hair, I also use it as a body oil as it isn’t greasy and before bed on my hands and nails. It improves the texture of your skin making it luxurious and with regular use will help to improve stretch marks and scars. 

To get my nails in shape I used this really cute file from Beauty Secrets exclusive to Sally stores (£1). I’m giving them a break from varnish at the moment so perfectly shaped nails are a must to keep them looking nice. The large size of this file makes it perfect for creating a natural soft curve or squared off nail. To give my nails a cute sheen I use a dap of Argan Oil for a polished look. 

I don’t want to wear too much makeup so decide on a slick of Lush’s Independent Eyeliner that is one of the easiest to use and longest wearing out of all the liquid eyeliners I have tried (and that’s a lot). Eye Candy 50s Style Dramatise 016 Strip lashes (£4.79) are the perfect way to add a touch of flirtatious lashes that won’t scare a man off. 




Finished with GOSH BoombasticXXL mascara (8.49) that allows you to build up volume without clumping your lashes together. The wand is easy to use and control and the black really intense and eyecatching. With some wands I find they can leave mascara on my eyelids if they are too big but this one is just the right size. As with all GOSH products they are really reasonably priced as as this tube is bigger than most I think it's going to last for ages.




I’ve had redness around my nose for a few weeks now and the best foundation I have used to cover it is Image Skincare I Conceal. It’s mineral based and soothing rather than drying out your skin. It melts onto your skin making blending smooth and flawless. It has the right balance of concealing but not smothering your skin. It has been specially formulated to rejuvenate and calm irritation.

For the perfect scent to accompany a romantic evening Nina Ricci has released Nina L’Eau (£48). The soft pink apple bottle is beautiful and holds the most delicious smell of apple, citrus and cherry. It might sound quite sweet but it has a musky base that creates a delicate balance of feminine and sensual.