Friday, 24 June 2011

Elemis Deep Clean Face Mask Duo £15

Oh I do love a good face mask; there is something indulgent about them that just signifies relaxation. I was reading an article about the huge mark up in beauty salons and the motivation in going to them.  Life is hard at times and I believe we all deserve to treat ourselves as much as we can. Going to a salon is great to feel pampered but realistically it’s not always possible.  For me a great alternative is to run myself a hot bath, light some candles, get a book out, smear on a face mask and let myself unwind. I really loved Elemis deep clean face mask as not only did it make my skin feel great afterwards but the thick clay formula makes it feel like you are at a salon. The next time you need some tlc to remind yourself how special you are, that you deserve to be spoilt and that you are truly beautiful treat yourself to an Elemis face mask.

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