Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Miners Cheek of It £3.99

I really do love the Miners brand; all the products I have tried so far are just so fun and such good value for money. Recently they sent me their ‘cheek of it’ collection and I have been using it ever since. The collection contains a blush, a flirty pink for your cheeks that has an instant awaken quality. I sometimes use it as a lip colour too and for days when I look really tired blend a small amount on the inner and outer corners of my eyes to make them appear more open. The bronzer has a great golden tone to it, the perfect shade for my skin but darker skins might want a slighter darker colour. Never the less for me it is just great, easily blendable and long lasting. I have even been known to use it as an eyeshadow on a few occasions. Finally the highlighter, a gorgeous champagne gold which is fantastic for cheekbones, under the eyebrows and the inner corners of eyes. The small size and multiuse of these makes them perfect for keeping in your handbag for touch ups and those times when you need emergency makeup.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Billion Dollar Brows £17

Billion Dollar Brows have designed an eyebrow pencil that is useable no matter what your hair tone and skin colour. At first I was a little wary that this would be possible so had to give it a try for myself. The first time I used it I was a bit too heavy handed with it so I ended up with ridiculously dark brows, my fault for not reading the instructions. On my next go however I managed to use short light strokes and build up the colour. The pencil nib its self looks quite dark but if you just use it lightly it only adds a hint of colour. The more you build up the colour, the darker it gets. What I found fabulous was that you can outline your brows in a light shade then go back over them in little strokes so which makes it look so natural. I have a couple of sparse patches and to be able to fill them in like this with one brush is really lovely. Billion Dollar Brows indeed.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Elemis Pro-Radiance hand and nail cream £22

I think by now you don’t need reminding of the importance of moisturing your hands, I mean no one wants to end up with hands like Madonna right? Not that I don’t Madonna is great, it’s just her hands are a little scary.

Elemis pro-radiance hand cream is silicon free which means it absorbs quickly into the skin. It is probably the quickest absorbing hand cream I have ever used, and I have tested a lot! It’s fragranced with white flower and it has a very soft scent making it perfect for use throughout the day.