Monday, 29 October 2012

Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 week tan

As I have mentioned it was my gorgeous sisters wedding a few weeks ago and I was so pleased to be asked to be her maid of honor. I was slightly nervous about the photo's as I hate having my picture taken at the best of times let alone when you know everyone is going to want to see them. My sister had picked a gorgeous black dress for me and her other bridesmaids to wear and as it was one shouldered I wanted to have a bit of a tan otherwise I would have looked completely washed out. 

The positives of wearing fake tan are numerous but so are the negatives so any brand that can help to eliminate them have my vote. One of my biggest annoyances is that they can fade so quickly, I am lazy and I don't want to have to re-apply fake tan every few days. Another problem is getting a tan that is easy and quick to apply, as I have said I am lazy and don't want to spend hours meticulously applying tan. Finally its the smell, my fiancĂ© has told me off enough times for biscuit smelling towels that it makes my life so much easier if my fake tan doesn't leave a scent. 

Two days before the wedding I applied one coat of the tan, I went for the dark shade and the next morning I was really pleased with the colour. There was no hint of orange and there was absolutely no streaks which was such a bonus (I think my sister would have been pissed if I had turned up streaky). The texture of the mousse is gorgeous, really light and smooth on your skin (I have tried a few fake tans that feel a bit grainy and its very off putting). As I was putting it on I really felt like I was treating my skin and the next morning I felt very soft and moisturised. 

As recommended for a longer lasting tan I re-applied the tan the next day. In hindsight I probably should of stuck to one coat only as my sister and her other bridesmaids hadn't tanned so I ended up looking like I had just got back from a couple of weeks in the Caribbean. I was a lovely colour but two coats of the dark formula was quite dark for my colouring. It was in no way orange though so it still looked natural. 

The tan fades very evenly so you don't end up looking like you have some skin condition and it certainly lasted longer than any other fake tan I have used. For me it didn't last 2 weeks but then I was really bad and didn't moisturise every day and had hot baths which draw the colour off. It's one of the more expensive tans but because it lasts longer than others it does balance out. The perfect tan for holidays when you don't want to be applying tan every other day and the colour is so natural that everybody will think it's real. The smell also passed the fiancĂ© test so an all round great product. 
This is me and my beautiful sister on her wedding day, as you can probably guess I am the tanned one pulling a stupid face.  

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Skin Clinic

I have always hated the small mole I have had on my face but never really thought about doing anything about it until my sister got rid of hers. She got married last month and beforehand decided to have hers removed. Mine was, according to my dad 'far uglier than hers' and seeing the results of hers I went ahead and booked an appointment. It was scheduled for the day after my sisters wedding so to say that I was feeling delicate was an understatement. 

I had done a little research into costs before I booked and the Skin Clinic was by far the most reasonable option, in some cases well over a 1/3 of the price. You would be forgiven for thinking that maybe with lower prices the service wouldn't be as good, you would be very wrong though. The Clinic itself it light, airy and professional. The receptionist was very friendly and sweet as was Dr. Ward who instantly put any worries I had about pain out of my mind. She had a calming nature and talked me through the process and aftercare advice in depth. I knew what to expect from the procedure and what results I would get before she went ahead.

The procedure itself was virtually painless, only a little scratch and that was it, face mole gone. No blood, no pain, I would say a bee sting is more painful than Dr Wards mole removals. The most unpleasant part is the cauterizating, the smell isn't great but it is over with so quickly it didn't bother me.

It took two weeks for the scab to fall off and that was only hard as I was desperate to see what was underneath it. When it finally did I was so happy with the results and can't believe I waited so long to have such a relatively minor process. If you look closely you can see where the mole used to be, the skin is lighter and I will need to be extra carefully with protecting my face from the sun in future. I am much happier with a barely noticeable and easy to cover up scar than I was with my mole.

If anybody is considering getting a mole removed, whether it be for cosmetic or medical purposes I would strongly recommend the Skin Clinic and have taken the time to vote for them in the Cosmetic News Award for 'Best New Clinic".