Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gentry Grooming Co. Face Balm £14.95 & Shave Cream £12.95

It’s taken me quite a few years but I have finally got my man friend to have a regular skin care regime. I honestly don’t know if it was because of my nagging or if he got jealous of all the lotions and potions I had and wanted to claim some space in the bathroom.

I got him the face balm and shave gel to try to see if I could win him over to the beauty truths side. I knew that they would have to be extremely masculine products as I once got him to put on moisturiser without either of us realising it had glitter in it, his day at work wasn’t the best he has ever had. I thought the Gentry Grooming Co. would be the most masculine I can find with its signature smell of black pepper and mint.

The shave cream had a lovely thick texture and helped the blades of his razor glide over his skin so he got a close shave with no little nicks. The mint oil helps to reduce irritation so he was left with no nasty red marks. The smell was refreshing and manly and there were certainly no complaints from him about it being too girly, even the packaging is classic and manly.

The face balm was great, first up it had no glitter in it and it also had a thick texture that when it was applied was non greasy and effortlessly melted into the skin. The mint helps it to feel lovely and refreshing and the black pepper although subtle in smell gives the skin a nice zinging feeling perfect for waking you up in the morning. My partner gets quite dry skin at times and this balm cleared it right up with its moisturising goodness.

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