Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Payot Masque Purifiant £20.50

The first thing I loved about this mask from Payot was that it was thick and chalky so when you apply it you can see it on your face. I like face masks to show on my face so when my partner comes into the bathroom (as he inevitably does when I have just run a hot bath) he knows that I have got a face mask on. For me it’s almost like a warning sign “I am relaxing so don’t bother me”. He can carefully back out of the door, run downstairs and leave me in peace.

Apart from aesthetics the mask has a deep cleansing action that works its magic in twenty minutes. I had been suffering from a mid month breakout and my skin was all lumpy and bumpy around my cheeks. It was making me quite self conscious and anything that was going to make it better was going to get a thumbs up from me. Immediately after I washed it off my skin felt smother and the texture had near enough returned to normal. I left the bathroom in a much happier state than I went in and so did my skin. From now on this mask is going to be a regular feature in my weekly skin care routine. 

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