Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nip + Fab Frown Fix £10.95

As I have mentioned several times it is coming up to my birthday which means I have spent hours in front of the mirror studying my face for the slightest change. Each pore seems to be opening wider to swallow my youth, while lines have started to appear mapping out the laughter and the tears of my years around my eyes. To save myself from spending my days staring at myself, scrutinising every last blemish and actually getting myself out and enjoying life I decided to try Nip + Fab frown fix. 

It just so happened that the day I got it was also the day that I had to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister and my mum. If ever there was a day to try out a frown product it was today. In the morning I carefully dapped on the frown fix around my eyes and forehead, instantly you can see a difference. My mother even complimented me that I looked good, a statement so rare it’s nearly on the extinct list. After several hours of trying on truly horrible dresses, which I assume they only reason they make so disgusting is to make the bride look better, we were no closer to finding the right one. We stopped for coffee and I told them about the frown fix I was using, they were both impressed and my sister even bought one for herself, apparently planning a wedding on a budget causes lots of frown lines. Thankfully after coffee we managed to find a dress we all agreed on and that didn’t make me look like I belonged in a quality street box. When I got home I looked in the mirror and rather than seeing a face that was ravaged by hours of taking my clothes off and putting them back on again and having people point at me telling me I looked bad, I saw exactly the same youthful face that I started the day with. 

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