Saturday, 18 September 2010


 MÁDARA is best known for its award-winning natural and organic skincare products but they have just branched out into hair care and the results are truly sensational.

I tried the ‘nourish and repair’ shampoo and conditioner (£9.90 each) but the whole range is ECOCERT certified and contains no artificial dyes, fragrance, SLS or parabens. What they do contain its lots of lovely herbs and plants from the Blatic region, including nettle, linden flower, quince and plantain.

The shampoo was thinner than most shampoos but it lathered up well and the smell was heavenly. I felt like I was lying in a meadow on a summer day with flowers blooming all around me. The conditioner was creamy and left my hair feeling nourished and slinky. I have never really had a hair care range that left my hair smelling great the next day but this stuff left my hair smelling of fields! I was in a particularly boring meeting the next day and it facilitated my day dreaming of being out side in the fresh air. 

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  1. I love your poetic description of lying in a makes me want that shampoo!

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