Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sunjunkie Dark Tanning Mousse £15.31

Now as much as I love my man friend and I do deeply, he has one quality that really annoys me. He goes from pasty to bronzed God in a matter of hours. I have never seen anybody tan so quickly! Of course it makes him look extra specially gorgeous but it also has the knock on effect of making me look extra pale. Pale on the right person can look more than interesting it can look fabulous, just not on me. With a holiday fast approaching I am desperately trying to find a fake tan that can keep up with my man, hopefully I am in luck. 

This tanning mousse by SunJunkie claims to be extra dark so I pin all my hopes on it and take it for a trial run. After exfoliating to within an inch of my life I carefully start to smear it over my body. The next morning I wake up and although I am a lovely bronzed colour it isn’t as dark as I would have liked. I get the feeling though that it was might fault as I was a bit nervous and might have over rubbed. A couple of days later when it has had some time to fade I give it another go. This time I am quite generous and also use the bronzing mitt making sure I don’t over rub. Oh yes, when I wake up the next morning I practically look Brazilian. My skin has a really rich colour without a hint or orange, just a lovely deep brown. What’s more I don’t smell of biscuit and there isn’t a streak in sight. Finally I can keep up with my man and now when we go out together I don’t look like I have been kept in the shade all my life. 

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