Thursday, 24 March 2011

Henri Lloyd Skin Protection

My partner has been going on for a few weeks now that he wants to try some new products as he doesn't really do anything as part of a skincare regime apart from wash his face. He has seen some great results on me with the products I use and I think he was feeling a bit left out. When I got the press release for Henri Lloyd new range of skin protection I though it would be the perfect opportunity to initiate him into  the world of skin care.

First up was the ocean mineral shower cream (£12.25) It smells fantastic and it made the whole bathroom smell like it was right by the ocean. My man came out the shower throughly cleaned and refreshed and it got a nod of approval from him.

Next up was the ocean mineral sun defence cream SPF 30 (£10.20) again it smells great and absorbs super quickly into the skin. He used it before going for his morning run and after a week you could see a huge improvement in the tone of his skin, he just looked healthier and more radiant. It has now become a  regular feature in his morning routine.

The ocean mineral hand protection cream SPF 6 (£10.50) was a revolution to him, having never used hand cream he was amazed at how much nicer his hands felt. It also benefited me as his hands were so much softer as it is much nicer to have your face stroked by soft hands.

The last product took a bit of convincing as he wasn't sure about the ocean mineral tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 (£19.00). After I had assured him that he wouldn't look orange or like a girl he was happy to try it. He was surprisingly pleased with it as it only has a very soft sheen to it which just gave his skin a nudge in the right direction.

If your man has yet to discover the fabulous world of skincare then this is the brand to get them heading in the right direction. I also found myself sneaking over to his side of the bathroom to use the products they were that nice.

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