Monday, 18 April 2011

Sheer Cover Cream Eyeliner £14.95

Ever since Amy Winehouse appeared on the music scene with 50’s inspired winged eyeliner, liquid liners have been experiencing a boost in sales. Now it seems every make up brand isn’t complete without a liquid style liner along with the standard kohl. You can also get gel eyeliner and glitter eyeliner in a multitudes of different colours. I have been a huge fan of winged eyeliner for many years, I have quite small eyes (thanks dad) and I find the winged look helps to give the appearance that they are bigger than they are.

When I saw cream eyeliner on offer from Sheercover I knew I had to try it. It comes with a small angled brush and initially I was a little worried that it might be difficult to apply. My fears very quickly dispersed as it was so easy to use. It just glides on and is so quick to apply. As I have got older the skin on my eyelids has become less taunt. This means that when I put on eyeliner I have to stretch the skin and sometimes I find it hard to get a continuous line, it goes slightly jumpy. Not with this liner, even without gently pulling the skin it is so easy to get a continuous line. The angled brush effortlessly glides over your eyelid and it is simple to get a thin line or build up to a thick line. Getting a cat’s eye flick is ridiculously easy as well and I find it much easier to do using this liner than I do a regular liquid liner. 

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