Sunday, 24 April 2011

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shampoo & Cream Rinse £12.70

I am having a battle with my hair at the moment. First it was a too drastic cut that I don’t think I was really ready for, even though everyone else seems to like it I am yet to be convinced. Then it was the colour disaster which I still haven’t recovered from and has meant my hat wearing days are very much in the now. What it has made me realise is how much my hair affects how I feel about myself and made me more determined to look after my hair and make the most out of the situation. Having decided this I thought treating it to some Paul Mitchell shampoo was a great way to show my hair that even though we have had some tough times of late I still appreciate it being around.

The shampoo was a thicker consistency than I expected but boy did it froth up into a creamy lather. It has a delicate fresh smell and made my hair clean without drying it out. The cream rinse on the other hand was thinner than I expected but considering the shampoo had worked so well I didn’t pass judgement until I have tried it. It coated my hair and made it feel immediately soft and replenished. After I dried my hair it did feel smooth and shiny and the first step to loving my hair was taken. 

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