Saturday, 29 January 2011

Payot Hydration 24 - £24

Payot is swiftly becoming one of my favourite brands and over the next three days I am going to introduce you to some of their fabulous products.

First up is the Hydration 24. It's a Saturday afternoon and although usually I don't indulge too much in the alcoholic beverage department last night I had enough to make me feel shaking today. My body is a little dehydrated so I opted to do not much today apart from watch friends re-runs, drink lots of orange juice and have a bath. To properly rehydrate my skin which to be fair looks a little sad I reached for the Payot.

With its creamy, non-greasy texture it provides continuous hydration for 24 hours and firms while its at it. My skin is now much happier than my head is and I am going to continue using Payot 24 as my skin feel so soft and seductive afterwards.

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