Monday, 4 April 2011

McLaren Beginning – Tranquillity patchouli & rose candle

At the moment I am having a flourish of people around my who are either getting married or having babies.  I don’t know where this wave has come from; maybe it was from a particularly bitter winter. Whatever the reason it is lovely to see the people I care about happy and enjoying their lives. It also means that I get to pick lots of lovely congratulatory presents. I have found the perfect range for the mum to be, whether it’s a first child or the tenth, McLaren has the perfect gift.

My favourite has to be their range of candles and the tranquillity is top of my list. All girls love candles right? They are up there with cushions and long baths. I recently gave one to a friend of mine at her baby shower, she went on to use at the birth and she loved it. The smell is lovely and calming and it gave her something to focus on during eight hours of “pain and grunting” as she called it. Another one of my friends used it when her baby was brand new and breast feeding, she said at night it was a lovely thing to help her bond at night, just the two of them by candle light.

If you have friends that are going forth and multiplying I suggest taking a look at the McLaren website for gift ideas. The gifts are great as they are for both mother and baby and will help to seal that special bond right from the start. 

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