Friday, 29 April 2011

Makebelieve Facial Self Tan with Bronzer £25

I could go on about the benefits of a nice healthy glow but you probably already know them by now. For myself I just feel I look healthier and happier with a bit of colour on my face. It’s the first time for me trying any Makebelieve products and I am very excited. The packaging is brilliant, girly and fun. I squeeze the gloves that come with it on, they are pretty snug but don’t break which is a relief. When I squirt some product out onto my glove finger it looks a little greenish - grey which had me worried. As soon as I start rubbing it over my face though it transforms into a golden brown and my fears melt away as the lotion melts into my skin. It was really easy to apply and the hint of instant colour made sure I didn’t miss any bits of my face. I am feeling quite brave and pale so I decide that I will apply two coats, as it dries almost instantly it is easy to do this. The next morning when I wake up my face has a gorgeous sun drenched colour.  I am really happy with the result, no staining of my eyebrows or a streak in sight. When I go to work people remark on how good it looks saying it looks fabulously natural. Now I can’t wait to try some more Makebelieve products. 

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