Friday, 1 April 2011

Salon Confidential Clip and Go Hair Extensions 18 inch £45

Up until recently the only way to get long hair was to grow it. Great if you have several years and the ability to grow hair past your shoulders without it going scraggly and thin. Now though with the help of hair extensions long hair is yours at the snap of a clip! In a couple of weeks I will be talking about some fantastic human hair extensions from Undercover Glamour but first in the interest of fairness I thought I would take a look at some that use artificial hair.

They are incredibly easy to use, in ten minutes you can transform yourself into a Hollywood starlet. I went for the volume wave but you can also get straight and bouncy curls and they are available in twelve different colours. As they are artificial hair you can’t dye them or use heat on them so you can’t straighten them or curl them like you could human hair.

I found them really great to give me a main that was worthy of a hair advert swish. They blended really well with my own hair and they are really shiny and lustrous. I felt almost like I was going out in disguise and had a few of my male friends baffled as to how I had grown my hair so quickly. By the end of the night I did find them quite heavy on my head but then again I had been swishing my hair around like I was Cheryl Cole all night!

Buy Salon Confidential Clip & Go Hair Extensions from River Island and Dorothy Perkins, as well as online at

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