Sunday, 3 April 2011

Balance Wrinkle Freeze Serum £7.95

So far I have been blessed with a relatively smooth face; I have a few lines around my eyes and also in my forehead. They have only just started bothering me because I know that now they are not so bad it is the start of what is to come, and that quite frankly is scary. Getting older is a fact that no amount of my whinging is going to change. Men always seem to come off better in the aging stakes and my partner for one gets more handsome as each year passes. Women on the other hand have an impossible task of attempting to stay ageless their whole live. Cosmetic surgery has become almost fashionable and freezing your face into an expressionless mask seems to be what every older woman wants to do. What happens though if you don’t have the money to get injections of paralysis in your face or you do but you want to spend it on enjoying life? Balance has come up with a low price alternative that doesn’t require needles. It says it works with snake venom like peptide that literally freezes wrinkles. On application you can feel a sort of soft cooling effect, you are meant to use it twice everyday on cleansed and toned skin. It didn’t have the same effects like Botox would but it does help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking in the mirror and feeling a bit worried about the signs of aging I would definitely recommend that you buy Balance first before you even think about Botox.

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