Saturday, 28 May 2011

Papier Poudre £6.64 for pack of all three colours

I first remember seeing these Papier Poudre when I was a younger girl and my older sister had just described make up. Even then I was enchanted by the old fashioned and royal look of them. It wasn’t to a few weeks ago that I was given a reminder of them and decided to try them out. Now they are available in three colours but the simple premise remains, to rid your face of unwanted dirt and shine. I used to carry a powder compact in my bag for mid afternoon touch-ups. I learnt not to do that after one to many of them smashed in my bag leaving everything covered in a powdering haze and rendering my compact useless. It meant I was stuck with a shinny forehead all afternoon and nobody likes a shinny forehead! Now though I carry these simple yet effective papers in my bag and I am able to always look my best. Once or twice a day I dab the little powdered paper over my face and it instantly refreshes and cleanses my face without the fear or a powder explosion. Although they have been around since 1903 they are a necessity for any modern women’s handbag.  

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