Thursday, 3 March 2011

Paul Mitchell Colour Care

It's only been in the last year that I have gone from being a life long blonde (well ish) to a dark brunette. Within weeks I could feel the difference in my hair. It felt drier, thiner and rougher. A friend suggested that I use Paul Mitchell colour care. Not only is it specially formulated to smooth and condition coloured hair but it also helps dyed hair hold its colour for much longer.

After my latest dye I started using it to see if I could notice any difference. Instantly I noticed that my hair felt better, stronger and softer. It took a couple of weeks to see how it affected the colour. Normally at three weeks after a dye I start to notice that the colour has faded and not looking as vibrant as it was. It has now been three weeks since I last hut the bottle and my hair still looks as great as it did when it was first coloured. I am now completely hooked and it is going to become a staple in my hair routine.

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