Monday, 6 December 2010

Eylure Girls Aloud Party Lashes £5.95 each

Girls Aloud have teamed up with the fabulous Eylure to create a range of dazzling party lashes to bring a touch of super star to any outfit. I have only recently got into false lashes and I was surprised at how easy  they were to apply after a bit of practice. Below I will run through a few quick step to getting false lashes looking great but first a little about the girls selection.

Nicola: Hers are my favourite, they have a natural feather to the outside edge making them perfect in achieving a cats eye look. They also have cute and delicate gems on the outer corner, subtle but effective.

Nadine: Great for giving volume to your lashes with a strip band with a silver glitter effect for a look that will get you noticed.

Sarah: Not for the faint hearted, they are bold and jagged with hints of silver, perfect for anyone who wants all the attention on them.

Kimberley: Great for those just experimenting with lashes, don't look like you are wearing falsies at all, they have three bronze buttons on the outer corner and are simply fabulous to go with a military jacket.

Cheryl: The favourite member of the band but not my favourite set of lashes, they do make your lashes look fantastically thick but I found the strip was a little to unforgiving and digged into my eyelid slightly, not great when you are on a night out. I ended up taking them off after a hour.

To achieve the perfect look with false lashes I suggest you have a go when you aren't going anywhere. First hold the lashes up without any glue to check they are the right size, if they are to big cut a few of the lashes off from the outside corner. Apply a thin layer of liquid eyeliner, I find lashes stick best if you don't out eyeshadow on first. Then run a thread of glue over the strip and wait a minute for it to go tacky. Once the glue is tacky place as near to the lash line as possible, starting from the outside corner. Don't worry if you get glue of your lid as it will dry clear. If needed apply another strip of liquid eyeliner over the top of lashes. It might take a few attempts to get them perfect but once you do it will become very easy. Good luck my beauties!

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