Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Acquizhen Good To Go Collection £41

One for your best friend who has been there for your all year. She is the friend who comes round with a film and bar of chocolate when a man didn't call. The friend who takes you out when you have had a hard week at work. The friend that tells you the truth when you try on a dress that just doesn't look right on you.
Say thank you to her with this lovely kit for Acquizhen. It has a freshening and purifying cleanser that provides a gentle and thorough cleansing, and refreshes skin deep into the pores. The gel provides effective cleansing of your skin's surface by removing debris, sebum and makeup, and on a cellular level by neutralising free radicals.

A replenishing day cream that moisturises, protects and refines every skin type giving radiance and vitality. Daily use has an accumulative firming effect as active ingredients reduce fine lines as well as protecting and stimulating production of collagen and elastin which support your skin.

A nurturing night cream is designed to revitalise your skin and provide it with nutrition to maximise the natural regeneration that takes place during the night. Free radicals accumulated during the day are neutralised by anti-oxidants and moisture replenishes your skin.
A gentle exfoliating mask which thoroughly cleanses, softens and nourishes skin leaving skin smooth nourished and revitalised. Exfoliating particles mechanically remove debris from your skin while liquid extracts biologically lift dead skin cells.

A sunrise soap which yields a creamy lather of Cocoa Butter which carries the aroma of Sweet Orange and Ginger leaving your skin clean and your senses uplifted. 

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