Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Benefit Primpcess Set £25

Men its not very long till the lady in your life is going to except a nicely wrapped present under the tree. If you are anything like my male companion you will not have given that much thought into what you are going to buy. I know you probably love her dearly and desperately want to give her something nice but its just that all the beauty bits and pieces slightly confuse you and the pretty girls behind the make up counter distract you sometimes. Well as I am in such a nice mood I am going to give you a few hints and tips in the present buying department to show the woman in your life just how much you love her. 

Benefit have struck gold again with their Primpcess Set  only £25 and for a limited time only free with order over £70 exclusively at Benefit. It works really well as a gift because there is so much included for us ladies to play with. The kit contains boi-ing concealer, creaseless cream shadow/liner, 3 powder shadows, BADgal mini mascara, eye bright instant eye brightener, brushes and a lesson on how to use it all. A great gift for devoted fans and those not familiar with the brand as they great to try lots of different products at once. 

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