Sunday, 12 December 2010

Nina Ricci, Nina L'Elixir £34 50ml

I am a romantic at heart and anything enchanting and magical gets me excited. The Nina Ricci perfume Nina L'Elixir has an essence of love potion around it and the bottle invokes fairytales and fantasies. I am not one for overly powerful smells but this has the perfect mix of sweetness and fruits. With jasmine, calabrain lemon, caipirinha lime, cotton musk and amber it is playful and mysterious. Light enough to be worn at anytime of day whilst still attracting all the right attention.

Nina L’Elixir is a love potion for modern women who knows how to play on their natural charm and have fun with it. The bottle is unbelievably cute and always makes me smile when I apply some, while the aroma rifts me off to magical make-believe world of forests, princes and fairies.

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