Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pamela Mann 3D Footless Tights £4.99

I am normally quite late on trends, it was only recently that got into leggings and now I don't know how I survived without them. I was also very late on the Ugg boots trend, have still to find a pair of skinny jeans that look nice and only got into military once it was going out of fashion.

When it comes to tights however I am confident that I am up to date, mostly because my legs are my unique selling point. Having not been blessed in the shirt filling department I do have nice long legs and although that means that I can't wear heels often (the messages don't get from my brain to my legs in enough time) I can get away with short skirts. Not with bare legs mind you as then I end up looking a bit trampy, ok very trampy so for years I have been relegated to wearing stock 50 denier black tights.

The lovely people at Tights Please have now released me from the boring monotony of the staple black tights with a range of footless tights by Pamela Mann in a range of 19 colours that can spice up any outfit and add a splash of colour in the dull winter months.

I tried the dark grey which may not be that much of a move away from black but is subtle enough to wear for work and gives my boring old outfits a kick and can be worn with any other colour. I also tried the jade which looked simply amazing on and drew all the boys attention to my legs, right wear I want it! They have a light sheen and are tight enough so that my legs looked much firmer than they are. The waist band is also really comfy which if you are a glutton like me is extremely helpful as you don't end up with a red band round your waist after a big meal. A superb way to reinvent an outfit and make yourself stand out at any party.

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