Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fushi extra virgin organic coconut oil £8.95

I am fully aware that I am full of contradictions and once place it is the most obvious is in food, a prime example being coconut. I love Thai curry or pina colada using coconut milk, but if I find a couple of coconut shavings in my morning muesli I am not a happy girl. I do love the smell of coconut though so when this pure coconut oil landed on my desk I spent most of the morning sniffing it. After having a bath that night I smeared it all over myself, including my hair, and I smelt like a tropical island, if it hadn’t been frosty outside I might have indulged the fantasy a little more. As it’s an oil it take a little while to sink in so if you can avoid wearing clothes brilliant, if not try to find something cotton to wear. My skin was left soft, fragrant and super moisturised well into the next day.

I left the oil in my hair overnight and washed it out the next morning, actually I lie, I lazily stayed in bed to late to wash it out in the morning so spent the day at work looking like I had been flushed. It took two washes to get it out completely but my hair looked like it should have been on an advert. It had a healthy glow and all the dryness I have caused from blow drying it disappeared into a lustrous shine. 

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