Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hand Creams

I’m not feeling very well today, just a sore throat and headache but it’s enough for me to declare a duvet day and not want do that much. As one of my beauty obsessions is hand cream I thought today and tomorrow I would do a list of all the hand creams I have around at the moment. Hand cream is one of those essential products that I just can’t do without and not only doe sit keep my hands soft and hopefully youthful, it also strengthens my nails. A few years ago I had acrylic nails out on and it absolutely ruined them, it has taken a while and lots of hand cream but now they are super strong and healthy. I always have a pot of hand cream on my desk at work, one by the side of the bed, one by the kitchen sink and one in my handbag.

Madara Deep Moisture Hand Cream £8.90
Has a lovely smell to it, light with a touch of marzipan and easily absorbs into my hands and doesn’t leave them feeling greasy. Like all Madara products it contains herbs and plants from the Baltic region including parsley, linden flower and cranberry and is simply lovely to use. 

It may be the least glamorous looking hand cream in my selection. It doesn’t have an over exciting smell but it works no others in protecting the skin in an invisible shield. Great for applying before doing the washing up or anytime your hands need a bit of protecting. 

I am a big fan of the Soap and Glory range and they have done themselves proud with hand food. Made with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow to create a non-greasy and easily absorbed cream that will leave you hands soft, smooth and ready for caressing.  

Atrixo Intensive Handcare Protection Cream £4.49
A thick and indulgent hand cream, it’s not scented but it is a staple hand cream that luxuriously smothers your hands.

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  1. Love this post - a must-read during these cold winter months!