Sunday, 17 July 2011

XEN-TAN Perfect Blend £34.99

This is an idea so ingenious and I am so pleased that someone has actualised it. A completely unique product that allows you to create the perfect colour tan to match your skin tone. One half of the tube contains a shimmer bronzer that instantly gives your skin some colour and the other half contains fake tan that develops in a matter of hours. This a fake tan that really is going to suit everybody and every occasion. If you just want a subtle glow turn the dial to the lightest shades and for a darker evening look turn the dial up so you add more of the long lasting bronzer. The formula is lovely and rich without any of that horrible fake tan smell. I found the product so easy to use and loved the results. The tan lasted for a week which meant I could go and enjoy myself knowing my skin looked its best, Defiantly a tan that is going to be getting a lot of use over the summer. 

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