Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sassoon's Perfectly Smooth Straightener £17.99

Sassoon have come up with a range of affordable hair straightners that also do a fantastic job. First up the ionic technology used emits negatively charged ions onto the hair shaft to break down water molecules and lock in the natural moisture in the hair, this means that the hair is left shiny, smooth and glossy. Next up the ceramic plates allow for smooth contact with the hair shaft preventing snagging, they also improve heat distribution through the hair so that he results are perfect every time.The variable heat settings means that you don't risk heat damage on fine hair.

What I loved about these straighteners was firstly the price, who said fabulous hair had to be expensive. They were also really easy to use and didn't snag or pull my hair (which I have had happen with some very expensive straighteners). The results were great, in no time at my hair was perfectly smooth. Being able to change the heat setting was fantastic, my hair is quite thin and the ends can get burnt if the heat is too high, being able to turn down the heat meant that I was able to save the ends any damage. 

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