Thursday, 14 July 2011

He-Shi 3 Step Discovery Kit £17.50

I am getting so excited about my impending holiday, I have already started to gather all the toiletries I will be needing. As I don’t really tan even if I spend a life time under the sun I rely on fake tanning so I actually look like I have been away. He-shi has come to my rescue with this brilliant travel kit containing express liquid tan to get me started, day to day gradual tan to top me up and an exfoliating body wash to keep my tan looking even and prepare my skin. The clever people at He-Shi have also made sure that all the bottle are under the 100ml airline limit. The unique thing about He-Shi is that’s it is formulated for men and women, not that I will be letting my man friend borrow any of mine though! 

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