Monday, 18 July 2011

XEN-TAN Dark Lotion Absolut Luxe £39.99

This tan from XEN-TAN is on the higher price point from fake tan so you would expect to get something special for your money right? Apparently its taken four years to get just the right formula and my word have they done a good job! By far it has to be the darkest tan I have used which means one application sets you up for 10 days. Be sure to exfoliate beforehand and apply the product with a tanning mitt and you will marvel at the results. I went to bed looking my pale and my normal self and in the morning my man friend said it was like waking up to a different person. The formula is rich and luxurious without any hint of that chemically fake tan smell. Whats more it is really nourishing to the skin and I felt  super soft and smooth. A tan makes me feel more confident and sexy and I know I am not alone in that department. The XEN-TAN dark lotion absolut luxe made me feel super confident, super sexy, super smooth and super tanned, love it, love it, love it. Really is a miracle tan. 

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