Monday, 25 July 2011

Vanessa Knox Anasatasia Multi Way Jersey Dress £85

There is something timeless and elegant about the little black dress. It makes us feel sexy and sophisticated, automatically you hold your heads higher and ooze confidence. When I first tried Vanessa Knox's Anasatasia dress I could not believe how fantastically it drapes. The jersey material is super soft and sensuous, looking good shouldn't mean feeling uncomfortable. It is simply ingenious, how you can change your outfit simply by wrapping a sleeve around yourself or tucking one arm out the neckline. I am the sort of person that either dresses down or dresses up, sometimes this means I get to a party and everyone looks more glamourous than I do, guaranteed to ruin my night. The Anastasia dress is fabulous for this kind of occasion, if have turned up wearing it over leggings as a smart tunic I can change into a sexy dress in a matter of moments. Also it saves the embarrassment of turning up to an event where someone else is in the same dress, a quick twist of a sleeve and its like you are wearing a different dress. It can be one shouldered or cowl neck or halter neck or strapless. It can be tight at the waist or loose. You can wear it as a top with jeans, wear it knee length for the office and go straight out to a bar and pull the hemline up a little. Talk about capsule wardrobe, if you just pack a few accessories its all you need in your holiday bag. Every woman should have one of these dresses in their wardrobe, its available in black, grey or peony and an item you will never get bored of. 

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