Thursday, 21 July 2011

Spa Find Heavenly hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud £19.75

The scalp is often an area that is overlooked in the beauty routine but it’s the first step to healthy, happy hair. One of my friends was recently round and he was complaining that his hair was very thin and he was getting a bald patch at the back. I asked him what he did to his hair and he said he washed it a couple of times a week. To get thicker hair I suggested that he look after his scalp more and suggested that Spa Find heavenly hydration condition scalp mud would be just the thing. I loved everything about the product; putting it on feels slightly naughty as it’s not often you rub ‘mud’ in your hair. I like any product that you can put on and then sit back and relax while it works its magic. It rinses out easily and left my hair so soft and shiny. After my friend used it a couple of times he said he could feel the difference in his hair and scalp and he is carrying on with the routine. 

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