Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tantastic Instant Tan £15

As I have said before, in the morning I am very much a lay in till the last minute kind of girl. My morning routine is as minimal as possible so any product that is quick and easy to use is good with me. Applying fake tan is normally quite a long process especially when you have to wait till you get dressed so I normally leave it for the evening. With Tantasic though I can apply it in the morning and get dressed straight away. It is really quick to apply and as it bronzes the skin instantly I don’t have to worry about missing bits or getting streaks. I don’t have to wait to get dressed so if the weather is unexpectedly nice I can apply it, get dressed straight away and go out and enjoy the day. The tan itself is contains Vitamin E, doesn’t smell and leaves my skin a lovely bronzed colour that last for 5 days. 

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